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Testicular Hypertrophy

Compensatory Hypertrophy

  • Observed in monorchidism, cryptorchidism, and after testicular injury.
  • Hypertrophy occurs prior to or during puberty, but thereafter the hypertrophic testis returns to normal or remains only slightly enlarged.
  • Results from alteration in the hypophyseal hormonal feedback, which increases secretion of FSH and enlargement of the remaining testis.

Idiopathic Benign Macroorchidism

  • Most likely a result of altered hormonal receptivity in the testicular parenchyma.
  • Generally seen in pubertal and prepubertal patients.
  • Increased mass is often due to increased length of the seminiferous tubules, but other minor changes may occur (increased tubular diameter, Leydig cell hyperplasia, etc.).