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Urology and Specialty Matches

For more than 25 years, the AUA has overseen the Urology Residency Match Program (a.k.a. Urology Match) for residency positions. Annually, the Urology Residency Match consists of approximately 450 highly competitive applicants that apply for nearly 325 positions that are virtually filled. The AUA has also expanded its services to fellowship matches, including pediatrics, urologic oncology, andrology, endourology and male reconstruction.

The information provided on the Urology Residency Match process will assist candidates with this critical step in their urologic education and future career.

Please consult the timetable for additional details.

Urology Residency Match Program

2019 Urology Residency Match Program Schedule

Summer 2018 – January 2, 2019

  • Register online. A $75 non-refundable payment is required when you register.  If you are a current or existing customer you will be provided with an AUA ID number once payment is processed. Match registration is accepted through December 22, 2018.
  • Within 2-3 days after registration, you will receive your AUA ID number. This number should be given to each program with which you interview. Apply to programs of interest to you.
  • The match programs have the option to participate in Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS ®). You will find a list of accredited U.S. urology programs on our website.
  • Each individual program designates its participation in the current match and (ERAS ®).
  • Note program application deadlines, but do not wait until the last minute, as they can change. If you are offered an interview by a program, respond immediately, as interview slots can fill quickly.

Fall 2018 – January 2019

  • Applicants interview at the urology training programs with which they have made previous arrangements.

December 2018 – January 2, 2019

  • All applicants and programs submit preference lists online to the Urology Residency Match Program, showing their highest preference first and remaining choices in descending order.
  • These preference lists must be submitted to the Urology Residency Match Program no later than January 2, 2019. View safeguards.

January 3 – 14, 2019

  • The matching process is performed. A number of cross checks and safeguards will be utilized to ensure fairness, accuracy and confidentially.

January 18, 2019

  • Email results are sent to, urology programs, applicants and medical schools.

For more details, review the Urology Residency Match Flyer

Urology Residency Match Overview

Outline to the phases of the Urology Residency Match Program.

Phase I

  • Programs agree to participate in the match and are provided with an identification number.
  • Participating programs agree not to make any appointments or commitments prior to the match and after the match not to make any commitments to residents matched with other programs.

Phase II

  • Applicants obtain their own Identification Number from the Urology Residency Match Program.

Phase III

  • Applicants are responsible for contacting programs and going through the interview process.
  • The function of the Urology Residency Match Program during this phase is to assign identification numbers to applicants and programs.
  • Applicants should provide their AUA identification number to each program when contacted or at the time of interviews.

Phase IV

  • All programs and applicants submit rank-ordered preference lists online to the Urology Residency Match Program no later than Wednesday, January 2, 2019.
  • If we do not receive your ranking list by that date you will not be included in the match.

Phase V

  • The actual match is performed.
  • There are several facts applicants and program directors should know about this phase.
    1. You will not be forced to accept a program or an applicant you do not want. If you do not include a program or an applicant on your list, you cannot be matched with it/them. Ranking a program is a binding commitment to accept that program if you are matched with it. Programs commit to accept any applicant on their ranking list.
    2. Your rank-ordering affects the program or applicant with which you are matched. We try to match applicants with the first program on their list. If they are first choice on that program's list, they are matched. We will not match anyone with programs low on their list until those programs they have ranked higher do not match with them. We try to match programs with the first applicant on their list. We will not match a program with anyone lower on their list until those applicants ranked higher do not match with the program because they received an offer from a program higher on their list or have not listed that program at all.
    3. If two or more programs make offers to an applicant, the applicant is matched with the program highest on the applicant's list.
    4. Not everyone is matched. If an applicant is not ranked by any program on the applicant's list or all his/her ranked programs fill their vacancies before the applicant's name is listed on the program's rank list, the applicant will not be matched. If a program is not listed by any applicant, or its listed applicants have already been matched with programs they have ranked higher, there will be an empty position. Vacancies after the match may be listed on Urology Program Vacancies and unmatched applicants may make individual arrangements with programs that still have vacancies.

General Information for the Urology Residency Match

Basic Overview:

  • This match is for medical students graduating in 2019 (and other qualified applicants) for their first year of urology, regardless of the number of pre-urology years required.
  • This matching system combines the rank-ordered preferences of both the programs and applicants to produce a list of matches acceptable to both parties, eliminating the process of offer/counter-offer.

Training Requirements:

  • Requirements for foreign medical graduates may vary from year to year and from state to state. Be sure to obtain up-to-date information from individual programs.

Relevant Contact Information

Urology Residency Match Program – AUA Urology Residency Match
1000 Corporate Boulevard
Linthicum, MD 21090
Phone: 1-866-Ring AUA (1-866-746-4282), ext. 3913
Fax: 410-689-3939

Residency Review Committee for Urology (RRC-Urology)ACGME- RRC
Administrative Assistant, RRC for Urology
515 North State Street, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60610
Phone: 312-755-7471

Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®)ERAS
2450 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202-862-6264

Education Commission for Foreign Medical GraduatesECFMG
3624 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685
Phone: 215-386-5900
Fax: 215-386-9196

American Board of UrologyABU
600 Peter Jefferson Parkway, Suite 150
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Phone: 434-979-0059

Accredited U.S. Urology Programs

This site provides a listing of programs that participate in the Urology Residency Match Program. If a program is not listed, it does not imply the approval or disapproval of the AUA. All accredited programs are listed once they register. The decision to participate in the urology residency match rests solely with each program director.

  • The deadline for application submission to programs range from September 1 to early January.
  • Be sure to check with each program for its application deadline.
  • Programs may fill their quotas early and cut off applications before their announced deadline.

The "positions" listed in the programs participating in the match indicate how many vacancies a program listed with us for the match. If there are "0" positions listed, the program is not participating in the current match.

You may obtain additional information on each program by accessing their individual website.

Urology Residency Match Guidelines for Programs

  • All vacancies in each program will be offered as part of the match.
  • No offers or commitments to "rank an applicant first on my list" will be made to applicants before the match.
  • No verbal contact with applicants will be made by anyone from a program after the interviews. Contact by letter is permissible.
  • No offers will be made to an applicant outside the match until after the match is completed.
  • Programs agree to accept any applicant submitted on their ranking list.
  • Programs agree that after the match no commitments will be made with an applicant matched with a different program unless there is mutual agreement between all three parties including both program directors and the applicant.

Contractual Responsibilities

When an applicant and a program director agree to enter into the match process, they each assent to be bound by the results. As a consequence of this mutual assent, a contract is created, enforceable by law.

If the applicant/resident and the program director cannot agree on withdrawal or change of assignment, such disagreement or violation of the residency contract may be referred to Urology Residency Match Office and will be reported to officials of the Society of Academic Urologists (SAU) for whom the match is conducted. However, neither the AUA nor the SAU will have ultimate responsibility for dispute resolution, which must be undertaken between the resident and the institution to which he is contractually bound. The American Board of Urology and/or the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education may be of assistance in resolving such disputes.

Should any such issues not be capable of resolution within thirty (30) days by informal discussions through these mechanisms, then the applicant consents to binding arbitration of all disputed matters pursuant to the rules of the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA). Initially, the parties will seek to agree to private arbitration pursuant to those rules. However, should the parties not be able to agree on the terms of private dispute resolution, then they agree that application shall be made to AHLA for formal dispute resolution under its aegis, and the parties shall be equally or proportionately responsible for costs of that process in accordance with AHLA requirements. By virtue of this application, each party agrees finally to be bound by the arbitration order, which will be enforceable in a court of law.

Interview Process

Program Applications/Interviews

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to contact each of the programs in which he/she is interested and to follow their application and interview procedures. You should be certain you are aware of each program's requirements, including application deadline.
  • Participation in Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) is on an individual program basis. Check the ERAS® website for information and a list of programs participating.
  • Applicants should know they are under no obligation to reveal their program preferences to any program director and that no participating program director can make a binding offer other than through the match program. Both parties are free to change their intentions without prejudice up to the time that final rank-ordered lists are submitted.
  • No changes can be made after a preference list is submitted.

Post-Interview Contact

  • Contact by letter or email is always permissible.
  • Telephone contact initiated by a program director or department personnel at any level is considered undue pressure and should not take place.
  • Telephone calls from applicants are acceptable.
  • See Urology Residency Match Guidelines for Programs for more details.

Preference List Requirements

Submission of Preference Lists

  • Preference lists must be submitted no later than January 2, 2019 in order to participate in the match.
  • By accepting online the terms of agreement to the preference list, applicants make a formal binding commitment to accept a position in any one of the programs they have listed. By accepting online the terms of agreement to the preference list, program directors also make the results of the matching program a formal binding contract.
  • Applicants are free to change preference(s) up to the time the confidential ranking list is submitted to us, as are the program directors. Neither applicants nor program directors may ask for a commitment from the other outside the match.

Changes to Preference Lists

  • Preference lists may be changed up until the January 2, 2019 deadline; and you may withdraw completely from the match up until this deadline.
  • After January 2, 2019, you may not withdraw from the match and you are morally and legally committed to accept a program if you are matched with it.
  • All preference lists are considered confidential and their contents will not be divulged.

Maximize Your Chances – Ways to Increase Your Chances in Any Match

Previous years' matches have demonstrated the need for applicants to include on their preference lists all of the programs they would be willing to attend. Some applicants who were not matched at all received offers from programs they did not list. If the applicants had listed all programs preferable to not training in urology, some of these "misses" might have been avoided.

The same holds true for programs. By listing all acceptable applicants, the program protects itself from cases of applicants implying that the program will be their first choice and then changing their minds when submitting their preference lists. The best way to assure a good match is for applicants and programs to list all acceptable choices in order of desirability rather than in order of perceived chances of receiving offers or acceptances.


There are three safeguards present to ensure an accurate match:

  • A validity check on identification numbers is made by the computer to eliminate any mis-codes.
  • The AUA will check each list against the computer version of that list.
  • The Committee examines a sample of the matches and verifies that:
    1. The program matched with any applicant was the highest offer on the applicant's list.
    2. The applicant matched with a program was the highest ranked applicant on the program's list that could accept the program's offer.
    3. Unmatched programs and applicants really have no offers that are acceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions were designed to provide answers that as applicants or programs you may want answered during and after the match process. For further details, please contact the Residency Match Program Office at or call 866-746-4282 (x3913).

From Applicants:

Is this match limited to fourth year students?
No. Any qualified applicant can enter the match.

Is there a limit on the number of programs an applicant can list or applicants that a program can list?
No. However listing programs where you did not interview most likely will not increase your chances of being "matched."

What is the number of interviews needed to secure at least one offer?
Whether or not you receive an offer depends on the impression you create during your interviews and on your credentials, not on the number of interviews. Some applicants obtain a position from a single interview. An occasional applicant may conduct more than 20 interviews and obtain no offers.

Where should I apply and interview?
That depends on many personal factors. You should contact faculty members at your medical school and current and past residents to learn more about various programs before you interview. Different programs use different criteria. Try to assess your chances realistically.

How should I decide whether to list a program on my preference list?
Ask yourself: "If this were my only offer, would I accept it?" If the answer is positive you should list the program. We anticipate several applicants will remain unmatched because they did not list the programs that offer them a position and will receive no offers from programs they do list.

I like Program X, and I believe the program director likes me. Should I list more than that single program?
Yes. That program director might change his/her mind. There is no disadvantage whatsoever in listing alternative choices as a safeguard.

Can I optimize my chances by listing a program first for which I think I have the best chance of acceptance?
No. You should list your true preference first, regardless of probability estimates. You cannot match unless you receive on offer. Whether you receive an offer depends on your position on the program's list. Program directors never see your list. The only purpose of your list is to determine which offer to accept, should you receive more than one offer.

Could I end up being "matched" to a program I do not really want?
No. We can only accept on your behalf offers from programs you have listed. The Urology Residency Match does not question your judgment and cannot in any way guarantee that you or the program director will remain satisfied with each other's performance. In the years between your interview and the completion of your residency it is possible that some programs will experience changes in their faculty, in funding, or even in accreditation. The Urology Residency Match promises you diligence in processing your ranking lists, but neither it nor the AUA can accept any responsibility whatsoever for any such changes or for their consequences.

I have had second thoughts about my career goals. Can I withdraw from the position I accepted through the Urology Residency Match Program?
Because of your acceptance, another applicant was prevented from obtaining that position. Withdrawal is possible only in exceptional circumstances. See "Contractual Responsibilities" for more details.

My circumstances do not allow me to apply through the urology match one to two years before my residency. Are all positions closed for people like me?
No. Your choices will be severely limited, but additional vacancies may become available if other applicants withdraw. These positions are listed on the vacancy area of the AUA website.

I want to transfer to a second- or third-year residency position in a different program. Can you help me?
See "Contractual Responsibilities" for the necessary steps to do this. Once you complete the necessary steps, you may then list yourself on our vacancy applicant list. Please note that very few such openings occur. You may email with any questions.

I did not match. Can you provide me a list of programs that did not match so that I can contact them?
No. The AUA cannot disclose which programs did not match. If a program wishes to list their vacancy, they will do so in the vacancy area of the AUA website. Please do not call the AUA requesting this information.

I am a foreign medical graduate and would like to participate in the Match. What steps must I take?
You will need to register for the Urology Residency Match Program through the AUA website. You are also encouraged to register and submit your application materials through The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). For additional requirements for foreign medical graduates, contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) at

I've submitted my on-line preference list through the AUA website. Is there anything else I need to do?
No. You should receive an email confirmation of your final list. If the list is correct, you do not need to do anything further. Faxing or mailing your preference list is not necessary. If you need to change your list for any reason, you must contact the Urology Residency Match Program Office at or 866-746-4282 (x3913). No list changes will be made after the final preference list deadline.

What are the minimum United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) scores an applicant must have to be considered by a program?
The AUA does not have this information. You may want to contact the programs directly.

From Programs:

A mediocre applicant tells me he likes our program. Some better applicants are non-committal. Who should I rank first?
List the better ones first. You may or may not match with them; this depends on the other offers they receive. Not listing (or downgrading) the better applicants eliminates your chance of getting them and it does not enhance your chance of matching the other applicants.

Could my program end up being "matched" to an applicant we do not like?
No. Positions can only be offered to applicants you have listed on your preference list.

What is considered appropriate contact after the interview process is completed?
Contact by letter is always permissible. Telephone contact initiated by a program director or department personnel at any level is considered undue pressure and should not take place. Telephone calls from applicants are acceptable.

I've submitted my on-line preference list through the AUA website. Is there anything else I need to do?
No. You should receive an email confirmation of your final list. If the list is correct, you do not need to do anything further. Faxing or mailing your preference list is not necessary. If you need to change your list for any reason, you must contact the Urology Residency Match Program Office at or 866-746-4282 (x3913). No list changes will be made after the final preference list deadline.

I don't check my email regularly. How can I make sure I am receiving all necessary Urology Match information?
We encourage you to provide the email address of someone in your office (i.e., residency coordinator) who checks email regularly, as most Urology Match correspondence is conducted via email. Keep in mind that preference list confirmations will be sent to this email address.

Urology Program Vacancies

Our residency vacancy information service is designed to assist in the relocation of residents who are changing specialties and to assist programs in filling unexpected vacancies.

  • Guidelines for Applicants and Programs
    • If you are an applicant seeking a vacancy (at any level) in a urology program, view our online listings of Urology Program Vacancies.
    • Fill out the Applicant Information Form if you are interested in being listed.
    • Check vacancies periodically for updates.
    • A new form must be submitted each July for the current academic year.
    • If you are a program seeking residents to fill your urology vacancy, you may request the vacancy applicant list.
    • Send request by email to or phone 1-866-RING AUA (1-866-746-4282), ext. 3913.
    • If you choose to list a vacancy in your residency training program you may fill out the attached Urology Program Vacancy Listing Form.
  • Urology Resident's Contract Reminder
    • The AUA Urology Residency Match Program is a binding contract for the length of the program.
    • Employment contracts are usually on an annual basis with renewal contingent upon satisfactory performance.
    • Once accepted into a urology program, residents are not eligible to apply for or accept urology positions in another program.
    • A resident must provide written evidence that they have notified their current program director of their intention not to renew their present contract with that program.
    • Send written evidence of your notification to our office.
    • Once notification is received you may list yourself on our vacancy applicant list or view the urology program vacancies.
    • If you change urology training programs prior to completing your urology residency, you must notify the office of the American Board of Urology for approval prior to the move.
    • The Board requires written acknowledgment and approval of the transfer from the initial and subsequent program directors.

(Policy updated 1997)

Urology Residency Match Statistics

There are 137 non-military accredited urology residency programs in the United States. (Military programs cannot participate due to government regulations regarding eligibility.) For 2019, 135 non-military accredited urology residency programs in the United States listed 339 positions with 330 vacancies being matched. 389 applicants submitted preference lists netting 59 unmatched applicants. Of the senior medical students in the U.S. applying, 91% percent were matched.

View additional 2019 Urology Residency Match Statistics [pdf]

 Jan 2019Jan 2018Jan 2017Jan 2016Jan 2015Jan 2014Jan 2013
Positions Offered 339 325 319 295 296 285 279
Positions Filled 330 314 317 294 295 285 279
Positions Open 9 11 2 1 1 0 0
Registrations 434 436 477 468 493 534 537
Lists Submitted 389 402 422 417 433 446 434
Ranked by Programs 368 369 385 373 388 420 400
Matched 330 314 317 294 295 285 279
Not Matched 59 88 105 123 138 161 155
Averages and Match Results
Average Applications 71.0 70.0 68.0 65.0 63.0 59.0 53.0
Average Interviews Conducted by Program 13.0 11.0 11.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 9.0
Average Offers 14.85 13.78 11.77 11.35 12.23 9.35 8.87
US Seniors Matched 91% 86% 82% 77% 77% 68% 69%
US Graduates Matched 78% 43% 47% 47% 43% 15% 33%
Int'l Graduates Matched 58% 24% 33% 17% 31% 24% 23%
Women Matched 83% 75% 75% 68% 68% 65% 68%


Please provide us with any suggestions and email them to in order to help us improve the Urology Match for you and those who participate in the future. Thank you!