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Public Policy and Government Advocacy

Health policy can be a very complex area for young urologists. However, the health policy division of the AUA is made up of several departments that essentially protect the interest of urology health care professionals. It is run by urologists for urologists. Below is a list of resources that may be helpful in understanding this area as it relates to both your professional and personal life.

AUA Public Policy Division

Health Policy Terms

CPT common procedural terminology
ICD-9 (ICD-10) 9 (ICD-10) – diagnostic as
RVU relative international units
RUC relative unit update committee (AMA)
MAC Medicare administrative contractor (local Medicare carrier)
JAC joint advocacy conference AUA & A ACU
Med PAC Medicare payment advisory commission
ACO accountable care organization
PQRS physician quality reporting system
Medicare part A hospital, SNF, hospice coverage
Medicare part B physician services, lab, imaging services, and office medications
Medicare part C proper ties to Medicare advantage plans (HMO)
Medicare part D drug coverage
UROPAC Urology Specialty Political Action Committee.
The only political action committee in urology

Additional Resources



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