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Residents Committee Welcome

Hans C. Arora, MD PhD

Hans C. Arora, MD PhD
Committee Chair
2016 – 2017

Thank you for your interest in the AUA Residents Committee (AUA-RC)! Since its inception in 2002, the AUA-RC has aimed to represent the concerns of and provide relevant educational opportunities for urology residents and fellows throughout the various Sections of the AUA and abroad.

The AUA-RC is a standing committee of the AUA and reports directly to the Section Secretaries Membership Council (the governing body of the AUA). Some of the committee's educational endeavors include:

  • Authorship of a monthly article in AUANews on topics of pertinence to resident and fellow training
  • Selection of a staff attending physician for the committee's annual Teaching Award
  • Organization of the AUA Residents Forum at the AUA Annual Meeting. The Residents Forum is the single best opportunity for urology residents and fellows to learn how to navigate job searches, personal and practice finances, job-related legal issues, choosing between academic and private practice, and the trade-offs between the pursuits of fellowship training versus going into practice straight out of residency.
  • Collaboration with other national and international trainee-focused organizations, such as the American Medical Association Resident & Fellow Section, the American College of Surgeons Resident & Associate Society, and the European Society of Residents in Urology.

The AUA-RC also directs the AUA Residents Bowl and the AUA National Chief Resident Debate. Both programs have been extremely successful during the AUA's Annual Meeting. We will continue to refine these programs and develop new resident and fellow development activities to best suit the needs of our constituents.

On behalf of the AUA-RC, we welcome you to learn more about resident involvement in the AUA. Please feel free to contact me, or to post a question to the committee from the link on our website.


Hans C. Arora, MD PhD

Hans C. Arora, MD PhD
Chair, AUA Residents Committee