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The American Urological Association, Inc.® (AUA) reiterates its longstanding condemnation of fee-splitting in all forms and reinforces support of the principle that a patient should be fully notified, not only of who is providing the services, but also of all charge details for those services.

The AUA further believes that this principle is best carried out when all physicians involved in care make their own determination of the appropriate fees for their individual services and render their own statements for those services to the patient. When general services, such as ESWL services, are billed in a single statement, that statement should carry full disclosure as to the amounts to be paid to each physician who has participated in professional services related to the treatment. The AUA joins the American College of Surgeons in condemning fee-splitting in all forms.

Board of Directors, January 1986
Board of Directors, May 1986 (Revised)
Board of Directors, May 1990 (Revised)
Board of Directors, April 1995 (Revised)
Board of Directors, January 2001 (Reaffirmed)
Board of Directors, February 2006 (Reaffirmed)
Board of Directors, February 2011 (Reaffirmed)
Board of Directors, February 2016 (Reaffirmed)
Board of Directors, October 2018 (Reaffirmed)



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