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New Guidelines

Surgical Management of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia/Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (2018, amended 2019) Diagnosis and Treatment of Non-Neurogenic Overactive Bladder (OAB) in Adults (2019) Recurrent Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections in Women: AUA/CUA/SUFU Guideline (2019)
Incontinence after Prostate Treatment: AUA/SUFU Guideline (2019) Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Stage Testicular Cancer: AUA Guideline (2019) Adjuvant and Salvage Radiotherapy after Prostatectomy: ASTRO/AUA Guideline (2013; amended 2018)


AUA Seeking Review and Comments on the New Draft of Guidelines on Advanced Prostate Cancer and Asymptomatic Microhematuria

The AUA is providing members and other interested parties the opportunity to review and provide comments on the draft guidelines on Advanced Prostate Cancer and Asymptomatic Microhematuria. The drafts will likely be available for review in early 2019, and a time period of approximately two weeks will be allotted for each assessment. Before being sent a copy of the draft guidelines, all reviewers must disclose their current industry relationships on the AUA website in order to comply with the AUA’s conflict of interest (COI) policy and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be provided. Information about the drafts must be kept confidential until after the guidelines have been published to the AUA website in their final states.

Interested reviewers, both AUA members and non-members, should email their name, address, AUA ID #, email address and the name of the guideline which they’d like to review to Non-members will receive an AUA ID # so they may also disclose their industry relationships on the AUA website and submit a signed copy of the NDA.

The deadline to request either guideline is Wednesday, December 18 in order to qualify to review and receive the draft guideline. Requests after that date cannot be processed.

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