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Global Urology Events and Exhibits

The AUA partners with international urological organizations to bring AUA educational programs and exhibits to your area.

If there is no registration link associated with an event, please email for more information. As more dates are confirmed, the calendar will be updated accordingly.

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January 6-7

Bangladesh Association of Urological Surgeons Annual Meeting

Dhaka, Bangladesh

January 18-21

Urolgocial Society of India Annual Meeting

Jaipur, India

January 25-27

Pan Arab Continence Meeting

Beirut, Lebanon

February 5-9

Global Mens Health Summit


February 16-18

AUA/Sociedad Colombiana de Urología Lessons in Urology Course

Medellin, Colombia

February 24-27

USANZ Annual Meeting & AUA/USANZ Hands-on Course

Melbourne, Austraia

February 27-March 1

Lessons in Urology Course & Exam - Brazil

Sao Paolo, Brazil

March 3-5

Jamaican Urological Association Annual Meeting

Kingston, Jamaica

March 16-20

European Association of Urology Annual Meeting

Copenhagen, Denmark

April 15-16

AUA/Urological Association of Asia Lessons in Urology Course

Kyoto, Japan

April 17-22

Japanese Urological Association Annual Meeting (in conjunction with the Urological Society of Asia Annual Meeting)

Kyoto, Japan

April 17-21

Colegio Mexicano de Urología Nacional Annual Congress & AUA Lap Course

Guadalajara, Mexico

April 20-21

Surgical Masterclass

Sharjah, UAE

June 13-16

Polish Urological Association Annual Meeting

Katowice, Poland

June 23-26

Canadian Urological Association Annual Meeting

Halifax, Nova Scotia

June 25-28

British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)

Liverpool, UK

July 14

Highlights of AUA - Brazil

Balneário Camboriú, Brazil

July 14-15

Japanese Association of Urology & AUA Hands-on Course

Tokyo, Japan

July 28-29

Asian Urological Surgery Training & Education Group Seoul, Korea

August 1-4

Sociedad Peruana de Urología Annual Meeting & Lessons in Urology Course/Exam

Lima, Peru

August 13-14

Lessons in Urology Course & Exam - Bangladesh

Dhaka, Bangladesh

August 17-19

Lessons in Urology Course & Exam - India

Hyderabad, India

August 23-25

CMUN & SMU Lessons in Urology Course & Exam - Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

September 4-8

AUA/CAU Hands on Course; Highlights of the AUA/Sociedad Colombiana de Urología Annual Meeting

Cartagena, Colombia

September 6-8

Sociedade Brasileira de Urología Paulista Congres

Sao Paolo, Brazil

September 14

Best of AUA - Spain

Granada, Spain

September 14-17

AUA/CAU Hands-on Course; Sociedad Argentina de Urología Annual Meeting and Lessons in Urology Course/Exam

Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 26-29

German Urological Association (DGU) Annual Meeting

Dresden, Germany

September 27-28

AUA Middle East Summit Abu Dhabi, UAE

September 28-29

Best of AUA Prostate Cancer Course

Muscat, Oman

September 28-29

Polish Urological Association - Urology Week

Krakow, Poland

September 30-October 3

Lessons in Urology Course & Exam - Egypt Cairo, Egypt

October 4-7

Societe Internationale de Urologie (SIU) Annual Meeting

Seoul, South Korea

October 11-13

Societa Italiana d'Urologia Summer School Montegridolfo, Italy

October 13-14

AUA & Societa Italiana d'Urologia Annual Meeting - AUA Corner Riccione, Italy

October 25-27

Best of AUA - Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

October 30-November 3

Confederación Americana de Urologia Annual Meeting Punta Cana, Dominican Repubic

October 31-November 1

Emirates Urological Society and Arab Association of Urology Annual Meeting Dubai, United Arab Emirates

November 2-4

Carribbean Urological Assocation Annual Meeting Trelawny, Jamaica

November 8-12

Highlights of the AUA/Socidedad Mexicana de Urología Annual Meeting and Laparoscopic Training Course León, Mexico

November 8-11

Chinese Urological Association Annual Meeting Xiamen, China

November 17-19

AUA/Sociedad Cubana de Urología Endourology Summit Havana, Cuba

November 28-30

Korean Urological Association Annual Congress & AUA Lessons in Urology Course Seoul, South Korea

November 29-December 1

Sociedad Chilena de Urología Annual Congress & AUA Lessons Course Vina del Mar, Chile

November 30-December 1

Global Association for the Support of Haitian Urology Meeting (Haiti) Pétion-Ville, Haiti

December 3-7

Egyptian Urological Association Annual Meeting Cairo City, Egypt

December 13-15

Bangladesh Association of Urological Surgeons Annual Meeting Sylhet, Bangladesh