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Residents Outside of AUA Section Boundaries

$50/$75/$150 Annual Dues Depending on Country Classification:

Recognizing the varied economic climates around the globe, dues for International Residents-in-Training (IRIT) members are stratified according to World Bank classification of country. Based on World Bank information, each country will fall in to one level – A, B or C. View a list of AUA dues fees by country.

Residents enrolled in an accredited urology residency training program outside of the United States, Canada, Mexico or Central America are eligible to apply for International Residents-in-Training membership.

The American Urological Association (AUA) has worked to advance urologic education and the highest standards of urologic care worldwide through its exceptional educational offerings, publications and research information. We recognize the special financial circumstances that are encountered during training, which is why we have developed a dues structure based on country classification for our international residents.

The links below will provide you with information on the value of International Residents-in-Training membership, the application process and how you can join the AUA.