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Welcome to AUA Leadership & Business, where urologic professionals experience the practical application of business acumen essential to successfully navigating today’s rapidly changing business environment! Whether you are starting your career, seeking career advancement or professional development, or looking to master the business challenges facing urology practices, AUA Leadership & Business is your go-to podcast!

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Episode 19: Practical Steps for Leadership Development

Episode 18: Relative Unit Value (RVU): Introduction and Importance in Both Reimbursement and Physician Compensation

Episode 17: Organizational Leadership: How to Get Involved

Episode 16: Advancing Women in Urology: Negotiating for Success (2022) 

Episode 15: Advancing Women in Urology: Sponsorship and It’s Role in Career Advancement in Medicine

Episode 14: Advancing Women in Urology: Coaching and Self Advocacy

Episode 13: Advancing Women in Urology: The Importance of Meaningful Mentorship

Episode 12: Personal Finance Series Part Three: Investing for the Urologist

Episode 11: Personal Finance Series Part Two: Insurance for the Urologist

Episode 10: Overview of Physician Compensation Models

Episode 9:2023 CPT and E/M Coding Update for Urology

Episode 8: Personal Finance Series Part One: Behavioral Finance for the Urologist

Episode 7: Why The Business Aspects Of Urology And Healthy Financial Practices Are Mandatory For Sustained High Quality Care Delivery

Episode 6: The Psychology of Leadership

Episode 5: Urologists’ Clinical Value to the Healthcare System

Episode 4: Alternative Compensation Models, Partnership and Private Equity

Episode 3: Medical Malpractice: What Every Urologist Needs to Know

Episode 2: Negotiating Skills 101 - Key Steps to Becoming a Good Negotiator

Episode 1: The Importance of Understanding the Language of Finance

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