Advanced Instructions for the Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test

Again this year, the Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test (OKAT) will be a computerized multiple-choice examination. The AUA produces the OKAT to assist uro-oncology program directors in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the education of their training program, as well as the performance and progress of individual fellows. It also assists faculty and SUO members in evaluating their individual strengths and weaknesses and provides peer group comparisons.

The purpose of the OKAT is to improve the quality of fellowship education and the general knowledge of the urologic oncologist by providing objective data to faculty, oncology urology fellows, and practicing oncology urologists. The OKAT is not designed to judge the competence of its participants and there is no pass or fail level for this examination.

IMPORTANT: The OKAT will be held in the same room, using the same proctors as the computerized In-Service Examination (ISE). Like the ISE, the OKAT is a closed book computerized exam. No reference materials are allowed in the room during the exam. The OKAT will include approximately 110 questions and 3 hours should be allotted for exam completion. The OKAT should be started at the same time as the 4 hour ISE unless it is necessary to have separate testing sessions for each exam due to limited computer availability at a campus testing center.

Facilities Planning

OKAT participants (including fellowship program directors) are responsible for contacting their selected program site for testing arrangements including start time, location, and method of testing (i.e., if they need to bring a laptop or if the exam will be given in a campus test center). The hosting residency programs will be responsible for making accommodations for OKAT participants. The hosting program is also responsible for running a system check 7-10 days before the exam date on all computers including personal laptops. Personal laptops used by SUO members must have a system check run by the member prior to the exam and they must also provide confirmation of success to the onsite proctor the day of the exam. (See Page 5 of the "System Check & Secure Browser Download Screenshots" document for a sample confirmation.)

Timing of Examination

The Oncology Knowledge Assessment Test is allotted 3 hours for completion. It will be started at the same time as the 4 hour In-Service Exam.

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