From the Chief Executive Officer: Resources for Supporting a New Generation of Excellence in Urology

By: Michael T. Sheppard, CPA, CAE | Posted on: 28 Jul 2021

As new urology residents across the country start their residency programs this month, their journey to becoming a urologist and treating patients using the latest technology, diagnostics and therapeutics begins. The AUA is proud to support our next generation of urologists and is committed not only to providing educational and research opportunities, but also a continuum of student enrichment and resident support programs.

Additionally, we realize the importance of supporting our program directors and residency coordinators by ensuring they have the latest news and information about the valuable benefits available to them and residents.

I hope you take time to explore the following areas and learn more about the unique opportunities the AUA provides to serve our new and existing residents, program directors and coordinators.

Resident Research Awards

The AUA and Urology Care Foundation continue to fund research opportunities for young men and women interested in pursuing careers in urological research. The Resident Research Award provides funding to an outstanding urology resident for a period of 1 year while residents fulfill their obligation for research training. The Physician Scientist Residency Training Award provides $75,000 per year and supports 3 years of research training embedded within residency. To learn more about these awards, visit

Leadership in Education, Achievement and Diversity Program

A comprehensive award program, the Leadership in Education, Achievement and Diversity (LEAD) program will support 3 urology residents per year from racial and ethnic backgrounds underrepresented in urological research to conduct mentored research, engage in research education and be championed through networking as they develop successful research careers and better serve the urology patient community.

This new program will leverage both the Urology Care Foundation Residency Research Award and the AUA’s existing Urology Scientific Mentoring and Research Training (USMART) Academy to engage each young surgeon-scientist in additional mentoring and career development with established urology investigators who are leaders in their field. To learn more visit

Science and Quality Fellow Program

Designed to advance the fields of guidelines, quality and data, this program is open to AUA residents in their research year, fellows, and first year post-graduates. We will start accepting applications this Fall. Once the submission process ends, we will convene and select the next Fellow for 2022–2023. Learn more at

H. Logan Holtgrewe Legislative Fellowship

Open to AUA residents in their research year, fellows and first year post-graduates, the H. Logan Holtgrewe Legislative Fellowship program provides unique opportunities to be involved on Capitol Hill and in policy issues impacting urologists and their practices. This is currently on hold because of the pandemic. Read more at

Annual Urology Advocacy (AUA) Summit

Every March, the AUA Summit is a free event held in Washington, D.C. allowing domestic members to connect with colleagues and lawmakers on the policies that impact urology and its patients. A major focal point for the conference is to raise awareness of the importance of advocacy—particularly with our residents and fellows in training. In fact, AUA travel sponsorships are made available to interested trainees through various sections and urological specialty organizations.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the 2021 AUA Summit will be held virtually later this month. Despite this setting, engagement with our future urologists remains a priority. That is why we are hosting an AUA Summit Student, Resident, and Fellow Advocacy Night for registrants on July 19 that will feature a sitting physician member of Congress and breakout sessions on several key topics including political advocacy/AUAPAC. Learn more about the event and register at

Examination Resources

The Self-Assessment Study Program (SASP) is the AUA’s most popular study tool for the American Board of Urology exam preparation. Developed each year, SASP is a 150-question, multiple-choice practice examination addressing the core curriculum of medical knowledge and latest advances in patient care. Visit for more information.


The Residency Connection is a monthly e-newsletter for urology residents, fellows and program directors that provides timely and relevant information about educational, research and networking opportunities at the AUA.

Additionally, a monthly Residents and Fellows Committee column is featured in AUANews highlighting news and trends of interest to residents and fellows. Sign up at

Residents and Fellows Committee

Since its inception in 2002, the Residents and Fellows Committee has represented the voice of trainee members of the AUA. As a member of the AUA Section Secretaries/Membership Council, the committee aims to advance the concerns and needs of medical students, residents and fellows to the AUA, its regional sections, and its affiliate organizations and partners abroad.

The membership of the Residents and Fellows Committee includes representatives from each of the 8 AUA sections and from Canada and Mexico, as well as liaisons from the American Medical Association, the American College of Surgeons and the Residency Review Committee for Urology of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. For more information about how to become a National or Sectional Committee volunteer visit

Annual Meeting

In addition to our Annual Meeting’s robust scientific and course program, it also features an array of programming just for urology residents and fellows to include:

Figure. A Residents Bowl team in competition.

Residents Bowl: Designed to foster a friendly competitive spirit, the AUA Residents Bowl matches residents in an ultimate battle of the brains (see figure). Each team consists of 5 residents, but only 1 team can be the champion.

The Great Debate: Conceived to encourage a spirit of camaraderie and the art of persuasion among residents from each Section, each year at the Annual Meeting residents from AUA Sections deliberate 8 topics during 10-minute debates moderated by recognized experts in particular fields.

Residents Forum: The largest gathering of residents and fellows at the Annual Meeting, the Residents Forum provides an opportunity to hear and learn from national leaders on various issues affecting trainees, guidance for transitioning into practice and networking opportunities with colleagues around the country. This year’s Forum, “Working Today to Plan for Tomorrow,” will feature motivating speakers and interactive discussions on health policy, applying and interviewing for fellowships, applying and interviewing for jobs, and review and employer contract negotiation. More information about the 2021 Forum will be available through in the coming months.

Speed Mentoring: Sponsored by the AUA Young Urologists Committee, residents and fellows meet with an esteemed group of practicing young urologists for five 10-minute interactions to discuss a variety of topics including negotiating a contract, finding a job, surgical education, leadership skills and more.

In addition to providing quality resources for residents, the AUA also provides resources for program directors, which are designed to keep them abreast of important deadlines, educational events and other information of interest to residents. For information, please visit

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