From the Chief Executive Officer: Build Your Network (Hint: The AUA Can Help!)

By: Michael T. Sheppard, CPA, CAE | Posted on: 01 Mar 2021

A strong professional network can have a vast impact on career longevity, success and new business opportunities. While professional networking can often be associated with job seeking, its benefits are numerous and include information exchange, valuable suggestions and guidance, and even lasting friendships. With a strong network, you have trusted resources and direction for professional growth at your fingertips.

Here are some tips on how to build your network:

  • Identify people with the same interests. It is easy to connect with people when you have a common passion or goal.
  • Leverage your network’s connections. As you build your network, take advantage of already formed contacts to expand your own.
  • Help out new connections. When you can offer advice or guidance to help a new connection learn something new or solve a problem without expecting anything in return, they are more likely to return the favor.
  • Take advantage of networking events. Whether they are in-person or virtual, networking events are an easy way to meet new people and collaborate to start building a network.
  • Follow up with the people you meet. After a networking event, send a personalized message to solidify your new connection.
  • Make it a win/win partnership. It is important when building your network to ensure both parties feel like they are gaining something and not being taken advantage of.
  • Get social. Join conversations happening on social media to build your network and online presence.

We know how important it is to build a network, so the AUA has a variety of opportunities for our members to do so.

Here are some ways the AUA can help:

  • Attend the AUA Annual Meeting. The AUA Annual Meeting is one of the largest gatherings of urologists in the world and the perfect opportunity to network with people from across the globe. Learn more about opportunities at
  • Participate in communities. The AUA has many online communities for its members based on their career path. These include the Practice Managers’ Network and the Young Urologists Committee, where you can participate in discussions and connect over commonalities. Explore our communities at
  • Volunteer with the AUA. Every year the AUA sends out a call for volunteers for its various committees and councils. Volunteer to join a committee or council you’re interested in to meet like-minded people. Browse our volunteer opportunities at
  • Connect with attendees at other AUA events. Start conversations when you’re at an AUA educational course or meeting to take the first steps in building your network.

Networking is about building, growing and nurturing relationships. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by the AUA to build your network and advance your urological career.

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