From the Urology Care Foundation: We Are All Disappointed, But

By: Harris M. Nagler, MD, FACS | Posted on: 05 Oct 2021

We are all disappointed we were not able to be together for the 2021 AUA Annual Meeting and Urology Care Foundation gala in Las Vegas. That, however, cannot dampen our growing global philanthropic mission to improve the urological health of men, women and children in underserved areas throughout the world. I know many of you share this mission. You are physicians–you have committed your life’s work to helping others. I am certain many of you want to foster humanitarian efforts, but may not know how, which is why I’m pleased to help by sharing the following.

Get Involved

Support our global mission by becoming a leader in improving health care for urology patients worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, half the world lacks access to essential health services, and millions of people suffer every day from urological conditions and disease. Many countries–and even regions within the U.S.–lack the urologists to serve their patient populations. Now, more than ever, the gaps and disparities across racial, ethnic and socioeconomic communities worldwide are growing. Volunteer urologists are critical to serving these underserved populations. Many have already demonstrated their commitment by volunteering.

Nominate a Humanitarian Hero in Urology

The Urology Care Foundation Humanitarian Recognition Award acknowledges an individual for demonstrated commitment to improving access to quality urological health care in underserved populations. It is bestowed upon an individual who exemplifies the spirit of philanthropy, as evidenced by their humanitarian work. Dr. Catherine deVries was recognized this past year with our inaugural Award for her dedication to improving the care of others around the world. Because of Dr. deVries, the science and delivery of quality urological surgery has been significantly advanced on a global scale for the benefit of countless patients.

Nominate a humanitarian hero today and help us spotlight their extraordinary voluntary efforts to care for patients and to support the urology medical community in under-resourced areas across the globe. The application cycle for this Award is now open and closes October 31, 2021 (

Apply for Funding

The Urology Care Foundation Humanitarian Grant Program supports the outstanding efforts of individuals and projects providing direct urological patient care to individuals and communities in underserved and under-resourced areas across the globe. All AUA members can apply for this funding, including Senior, Honorary and International members. Residents/fellows who apply must be sponsored by, and work in collaboration with, a board-certified urologist and must provide permission/approval from their institutions to participate.

Last month, the Foundation proudly announced Dr. Una Lee and Dr. David Rapp as the 2021 recipients of the Grant Program, with each receiving $4,500. Through her work, Dr. Lee aims to evolve the obstetrical fistula care model into a self-sufficient, year-round repair, recovery and reintegration program for low-income East African women, and Dr. Rapp aims to focus his efforts on providing urological surgeries in Belize. Visit for more information about this Grant program.

Donate Today

The Urology Care Foundation improves patients’ lives through a shared commitment to advance research, educate patients and support global humanitarian efforts in urology. A tax-deductible gift will help support the millions of patients who are faced with urological disease. There are multiple ways to contribute, including a one-time or recurring personal donation. To learn more about creative ways to support the important work of the Foundation, visit

“Giving comes naturally to most of us, I think. But it’s really learning to give without an expectation of return. That’s true giving.”
Gopal Badlani, MD

Thank You

We recognize this work would not be possible without the steadfast support of our AUA members’ time, energy, commitment and monetary contributions. With individuals like you, we continue to be a vital force in the efforts to create a future free of urological disease. Despite the difficult nature of 2021, I want to take pause and reflect on these positive outcomes and issue my sincere gratitude.

On behalf of the entire Foundation, we thank you again for your continued support. Together, we are advancing urological research and education to improve patients’ lives. To learn more about contributing to the Humanitarian program, please visit

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