From the Education Council: AUA2021: An Educational Experience for Everyone

By: Jay D. Raman, MD, FACS | Posted on: 03 Sep 2021

Technology is best when it brings people together.”–Matt Mullenweg

Professional Development. Knowledge Acquisition. Skills Training. Lifelong Learning. Networking. Connecting with friends (both old and new). AUA2021 can fulfill all of your needs.

Creativity and evolution of digital delivery of content is an unexpected benefit from the COVID-19 experience. Specifically, what makes the AUA’s 116th annual meeting unique is the use of a powerful new platform that allows you to engage with the cutting-edge content, but also with your friends and colleagues from around the world. The new AUA2021 platform is a tool that has several key features that you can use.

The new platform will allow you to build a specific agenda based on your educational needs. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you find key sessions and courses that would be of particular interest to you. To maximize the potential of these AI matches, go to your Profile and add your educational areas of interest and your primary area of work. With this information, the system will offer you recommendations of activities to add to your agenda, and as you continue to select sessions the AI will further refine additional options presented to you. You can also search the entire program by day, time, type of session, subspecialty domain, treatment approach, or even by a key word. As you identify activities you would like to join, the system will build your schedule, continue to update your AI, and when you are in the platform send you reminders and new suggestions. In addition, the AI will recommend colleagues for you to connect with who share your practice interests

A second key function of this platform is the virtual engagement between you and other participants. Whether you are watching domestically or abroad, you can engage in active, real-time discussion with your colleagues about the content being presented. If you would like to connect directly with a colleague, use the video chat function to view a presentation with a colleague who you are connected with in the system. Within the platform, go to Attendees, find your colleague’s name and “connect.” After you have a connection, go to the chat function and communicate via text or with a video call–it’s that easy! If you are worried about privacy, these features can be enabled or disabled at any time with just a single click of a button in your profile.

AUA2021 will offer a wealth of content so being able to identify what’s most important to you is critical. This platform and all available content will not only be online during the meeting, but all the way to the end of the calendar year (December 31, 2021)! To ensure you get the most out of your experience, the AUA staff is here and eager to assist you. If you need any help building your profile or agenda, or navigating the site, please contact us at

I look forward to connecting with you around AUA2021 and appreciate any feedback as we continue to work to offer our membership and attendees the best educational experience possible.

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