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  1. AUA Annual Meeting: Network with over 10,000 urologic professionals from around the globe, as well as more than 300 exhibitors.
  2. Regional AUA Sections: The total geographic area of North and Central America served by the AUA has been divided into eight geographic regions, each represented by a separate entity known as a "Section."
    • Each Section of the AUA is entrusted to and managed by a Section corporation.
    • The Sections all conduct annual meetings that provide presentations by industry experts and members as well as exhibits.
  3. International: The AUA is a global membership organization of more than 20,000 members that bridges urologic communities through education, research, policy and philanthropy.
    • AUA offers educational programs in many countries outside of the U.S., as well as Exchange and Scholar Programs.
    • Through its philanthropic efforts and partnerships, the AUA also offers members several ways to contribute their time, expertise and resources towards the improvement of urologic care in underserved countries.


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