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The AUA is pleased to announce it has entered into a collaboration with Verana Health, a healthcare technology firm focused on curating and analyzing health care data to advance medical research and innovative medical care for patients.

This alliance, along with our existing collaboration with FIGmd, will allow us to build new analytical applications and user interfaces to advance the science of urology, fuel research discoveries, and ultimately improve the lives of patients. Read FAQs.


Developed by urologists for urologists, the AUA Quality (AQUA) Registry is a national Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) designed to measure, report and improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes. Launched by the AUA in 2014, the AQUA Registry provides participants with national benchmarking on the performance of urologic care providers and practices regarding the diagnosis and treatment of urologic diseases, quality measures meaningful to urologists, and automated tools for quality improvement and easy reporting. AQUA participants can also earn some Life Long Learning credit provided certain requirements are met. Access to more quality measures will be available as the AQUA Registry continues to expand.

Please email or call 855-898-AQUA (2782) for any questions about the AQUA Registry.