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Using the AQUA Registry for MIPS Reporting

How AQUA can Support Reporting for Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Categories:

  • Use AQUA to report on 6 out of 50 plus measures—including one outcome measure or, if an outcome measure is not available, one high priority measure.
  • AQUA recommends the best combination of measures that bring urologists with the highest performance scores through system optimization in reporting to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • Utilize AQUA's score calculator where eligible providers can input numerator/denominator data.
  • Leverage AQUA's attestation module where providers are able to attest to the required measures.
  • Use AQUA to earn 10 points toward the Public Health and Clinical Data Exchange objective. Clinicians must attest “yes” for “Clinical Data Registry Reporting” AND one additional measure under this objective.
  • Leverage AQUA's attestation module which allows providers the ability to attest to a series of weighted activities, geared towards improving clinical practice and care delivery.
  • AQUA has the ability to select from any one of CMS’ 100+ improvement activity measures.
  • Use AQUA's ability to attest to certain high weight activities, only available to providers participating with a QCDR.
  • CMS will calculate Cost performance using administrative claims data.
  • Providers are not required to submit any information for the Cost performance category.

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