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New Year Brings New Changes for The Journal of Urology® and Urology Practice

As of the January 2019 issues, the publisher of The Journal of Urology® and Urology Practice is Wolters Kluwer. This exciting new partnership features new mobile-friendly Websites that you can easily access and navigate through your mobile devices. These new Websites use responsive design, meaning pages format themselves to fit any size screen without regard to size or device manufacturer. Because of these digital enhancements, the Journal mobile apps will no longer be supported. If you have any questions regarding your access to the journals, please contact

Urology Practice, an official peer-reviewed journal of the AUA and companion to The Journal of Urology gives critical analysis and practical advice to run a urology practice efficiently and with the highest quality care. The journal focuses on clinical trends, challenges and practical applications in the areas of Business, Health Policy, the Specialty, and Patient Care. Coverage will include clinical practice articles, brief original studies with an important clinical message, articles on the business of the urology health policy issues, education, and more.

Access the JUUrology Practice publishes primary clinical practice articles that address a wide array of topics. Submit your best work to Urology Practice for consideration.

Urology Practice is a key benefit of membership. The Journal provides physicians with all of the clinically relevant information needed to stay up-to-date in this dynamic specialty. Honorary and Senior members receive a reduced subscription rate of $80/year through the AUA.

Members can subscribe by contacting AUA at or 410-689-3933. Members can let us know if any issues are missing.

Non-members may subscribe at  or contact AUA at or 410-689-3922.