2021-2022 Research Scholars

Headshot photo of Jack Andrews, MD

Jack Andrews, MD

Project Title: “The Use of Intratumoral STING Agonist With Combination Checkpoint Blockade and Hypoxia Modulation in the Treatment of Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer”
Institution: University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Mentors: Michael Curran, PhD and Brian Chapin, MD
Sponsor: AUA South Central Section

Headshot photo of Ashanda Esdaille, MD

Ashanda Esdaille, MD

Project Title: “RACE Study: Understanding the Impact of Racial differences in the Pharmacologic Modulation of the Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) Response on a Systemic Level and within Prostate Cancer microEnvironments”
Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mentors: David Jarrard, MD, Kyle Richards, MD, and Douglas McNeel, MD, PhD
Sponsor: Bristol Myers Squibb

Headshot photo of Katherine Fischer, MD

Katherine Fischer, MD

Project Title: “Prediction of CKD Progression in Boys with PUV using Machine Learning Derived US Characteristics”
Institution: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Mentors: Gregory Tasian, MD, MSc, MSCE; Stephen Zderic, MD; and Douglas Canning, MD
Sponsor: Societies for Pediatric Urology Sushil Lacy, MD Award

Headshot photo of Zeynep Gul, MD

Zeynep Gul, MD

Project Title: “The Effects of Telemedicine on Health Disparities in Patients with Urologic Malignancies”
Institution: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Mentors: Bruce Jacobs, MD, Jonathan Yabes, PhD, and Benjamin Davies, MD
Sponsor: Bristol Myers Squibb

Headshot photo of Juntao Ke, PhD

Juntao Ke, PhD

Project Title: “A Comprehensive Research on the Genetic Landscape of Congenital Obstructive Uropathy”
Institution: Columbia University Medical Center
Mentors: Simone Sanna-Cherchi, MD and Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD
Sponsor: AUA New York Section E. Darracott Vaughan, Jr., MD Award

Headshot photo of Scott Lundy, MD, PhD

Scott Lundy, MD, PhD

Project Title: “The Role of the Seminal Microbiome in Men with Symptomatic Varicocele”
Institution: Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Mentors: Charis Eng, MD, PhD and Sarah Vij, MD
Sponsor: Sexual Medicine Society of North America

Headshot photo of Raveen Syan, MD

Raveen Syan, MD

Project Title: “An Educational Community Outreach Program for Minority Women with Pelvic Floor Disorders: Identifying and Improving Barriers to Care”
Institution: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Mentors: Erin Kobetz, PhD, Ranjith Ramasamy, MD, and Ekene Enemchukwu, MD
Sponsor: AUA Southeastern Section