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Physician Scientist Residency Training Award

The Physician Scientist Residency Training Award (PSRTA) will grow the population of surgeon-scientists who can effectively lead robust research programs, successfully compete for independent research funding and more effectively engage with basic scientists. Rare in the field of urology, but common in other medical and surgical fields, this program supports three years of research training embedded within residency.

The PSRTA resident will complete an eight-year training program in urology beginning in July 2019. The trainee will complete the first two years of clinical training and then matriculate into the three-year research training program. The final three years of clinical training will conclude the PSRTA training program. The Urology Care Foundation will provide $75,000 per year ($225,000 total) to support the trainee during the three years of research training. Institutional cost-sharing is required. In addition, the trainee will receive conference travel support, focused didactic research courses, exceptional mentorship and strong research skills.  

Medical students in their senior year or medical student graduates not more than two years beyond graduation by July 1, 2018 are invited to apply for the inaugural PSRTA resident position. Applicants will participate in an early selection process, separate from the national urology residency match program, and will begin residency in July 2019.

The following institutions have been selected as eligible Program Sites:

  • University of California, Los Angeles;
  • University of Michigan;
  • University of Washington; and
  • Wake Forest University.  

Importantly, candidates for this program must register for the Society of Academic Urologists (SAU)/American Urological Association's (AUA) Urology Residency Match Program. Applications must also be submitted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), as well as additional materials submitted directly to the AUA. Selection and notification of the Physician Scientist Residency Training Award recipient will be completed no later than October 31, 2018 so that applicants not selected for the Physician Scientist Residency Training Award will remain eligible for the regular urology residency match.

The PSRTA trainee competition is now closed. Please contact with any questions.

Download the Program Announcement

Physician Scientist Residency Training Award Program Announcement - Trainee [pdf]

Physician Scientist Residency Training Award Application Agreement - Trainee [pdf]