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2015 – 2017 Research Scholars

Congratulations to the new 2015-2017 AUA/Urology Care Foundation Research Scholars!

Zheng Cao, PhD

Project Title: "Targeting the Prostate Tumor Microenvironment by a Novel Quinazoline Agent"

Institution: University of Kentucky Medical Center

Mentor: Natasha Kyprianou, PhD

Sponsor: Genentech

Abraham Hakimi, MD

Project Title: "Interrogation of the Sorbitol Pathway in VHL-Independent HIF driven Renal Cell Carcinomas"

Institution: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Mentor: James J. Hsieh, MD, PhD

Sponsor: Kidney Cancer Association

Petra Popovics, PhD

Project Title: "Use of Receptors for Growth Hormone-releasing Hormone (GHRH) and Luteinizing Hormone-releasing Hormone (LHRH) Receptors as Potential Therapeutic Targets to Reduce Inflammation and Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia"

Institution: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Mentor: Andrew V. Schally, PhD and Ferenc Rick, MD, PhD

Sponsor: AUA Southeastern Section Research Scholar Fund II

Vijay Samineni, PhD

Project Title: "Optogenetic Dissection of Cell Type-specific Roles in Bladder Pain"

Institution: Washington University – St. Louis

Mentor: Robert W. Gereau, PhD

Sponsor: Indian American Urological Association/Kailash Kedia, MD Research Scholar Fund