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2017 – 2019 Research Scholars

Marianela Dalghi, PhD

Project Title: "Regulation of Exocytosis in Bladder Umbrella Cells"

Institution: University of Pittsburgh

Mentor: Gerard Apodaca, PhD

Sponsor: AUA Northeastern Section

Jim Hokanson, PhD

Project Title: "Electrical stimulation of the urethra to prevent urgency urinary incontinence episodes"

Institution: Duke University

Mentor: Warren Grill, PhD and Cindy Amundsen, MD

Sponsor: Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction Foundation/Hari Badlani Research Scholar Fund

David Johnson, MD, MPH

Project Title: "The effect on hospital system finances of episode-based bundled payments for patients undergoing radical prostatectomy: the business case for value based cancer care redesign"

Institution: UCLA

Mentors: Mark Litwin, MD, MPH and Christopher Saigal, MD, MPH

Sponsor: AUA Western Section

Evaristus Mbanefo, PhD

Project Title: "Therapeutic Exploitation of Interleukin-4-inducing principle from Schistosoma mansoni eggs (IPSE): a Urogenital Parasite-Derived Host Immunomodulatory Protein for Hemorrhagic Cystitis and Bladder Hypersensitivity"

Institution: Biomedical Research Institute

Mentor: Michael Hsieh, MD, PhD

Sponsor: AUA Mid-Atlantic Section/William D. Steers, MD Research Scholar Fund

Hooman Sadri-Ardekani, MD, PhD

Project Title: "In Vitro proliferation and differentiation of human Klinefelter Spermatogonial Stem cells"

Institution: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Mentor: Anthony Atala, MD

Sponsor: AUA Southeastern Section

Kymora Scotland, MD, PhD

Project Title: "Evaluation of the Mechanisms Underlying the Adverse Effect of Ureteral Stent Placement on Ureteral Function"

Institution: University of British Columbia

Mentor: Ben Chew, MD and Dirk Lange, PhD

Sponsor: Endourological Society/Raju Thomas, MD Research Scholar Fund

Zongwei Wang, PhD

Project Title: "Obesity-associated inflammation mediates prostatic growth through switching androgenic signaling to estrogenic signaling"

Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital

Mentor: Aria F. Olumi, MD

Sponsor: AUA New England Section

Elias Wehbi, MD, MS

Project Title: "Intravesical Electromotive Drug Administration (EMDA) of Botulinum Toxin A for Pediatric Neurogenic Bladder"

Institution: University of California, Irvine

Mentor: Antione Khoury, MD and Irene McAleer, MD

Sponsor: Society for Pediatric Urology/Sushil Lacy, MD Research Scholar Fund

Ning Zhao, PhD

Project Title: "Arginine Vasopressin Receptor 1A as a Novel Therapeutic Target for Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer"

Institution: University of Miami

Mentor: Kerry Burnstein, PhD

Sponsor: AUA Southeastern Section