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2020 - 2021 Research Scholars

Headshot photo of Justin Ahn, MD

Justin Ahn, MD

Project Title: "Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound to Reduce Unnecessary Ureteral Stent Placement"
Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Mentor: Tom Chi, MD
Sponsor: Joseph Segura Scholarship in Endourology and Stone Management

Headshot photo of Denise Asafu-Adjei, MD, MPH

Denise Asafu-Adjei, MD, MPH

Project Title: “Disparities in Access to Care for Male Erectile Dysfunction Services”
Institution: University of California, Los Angeles
Mentors: Jesse Mills, MD; Mark Litwin, MD, MPH; Sriram Eleswarapu, MD, PhD; and Stanley Frencher MD, MPH
Sponsor: Sexual Medicine Society of North America

Headshot photo of Renee de Leeuw, PhD

Renee de Leeuw, PhD

Project Title: “Phosphatase Deregulation in Prostate Cancer Progression”
Institution: University of Illinois - Chicago
Mentors: Larisa Nonn, PhD and Peter H. Gann, MD, ScD
Sponsor: AUA North Central Section

Headshot photo of Pauline Filippou, MD

Pauline Filippou, MD

Project Title: “Characterizing End-of-Life Care in Bladder Cancer Patients”
Institution: University of Washington
Mentor: John Gore, MD
Sponsor: Society of Urologic Oncology

Headshot photo of Patrick Hensley, MD

Patrick Hensley, MD

Project Title: “Protein Signature Predicts Bladder Cancer Subtype and Response to Chemotherapy”
Institution: University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Mentors: Ashish Kamat, MD and Charles Guo, MD
Sponsor: AUA South Central Section

Headshot photo of Chenfei Liu, MD

Chenfei Liu, MD

Project Title: “Targeting HSP70/STUB1 Machinery to Treat Drug Resistant Prostate Cancer”
Institution: University of California, Davis
Mentors: : Allen C. Gao, MD, PhD and Christopher Evans, MD
Sponsor: Genentech, Inc.

Headshot photo of Hatim Thaker, MD

Hatim Thaker, MD

Project Title: “Receptor Binding Interactions and Functional Response to a Novel, Chimeric Botulinum Toxin in the Bladder”
Institution: Boston Children's Hospital
Mentors: Min Dong, PhD, Rosalyn Adam, PhD and Carlos Estrada, MD, MBA
Sponsor: Dornier MedTech

Headshot photo of Andrew Tracey, MD

Andrew Tracey, MD

Project Title: “Genomic Characterization of the Tumor Microenvironment in Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma”
Institution: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Mentors: Jonathan Coleman, MD and Kwanghee Kim, PhD
Sponsor: Society of Urologic Oncology Research Scholar Award for Specialized Programs of Research Excellence

Headshot photo of Guillermo Adolfo Villegas, PhD

Guillermo Adolfo Villegas, PhD

Project Title: “Vascular Repair, Inflammation and Erectile Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes”
Institution: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Inc.
Mentor: Kelvin Davies, PhD
Sponsor: Endo Pharmaceuticals

Headshot photo of Young A. Yoo, PhD

Young A. Yoo, PhD

Project Title: “Targeting Nuclear EGFR and AURKA as a Therapy for Anti-Androgen Resistance in TP53- and RB1-Deficient Prostate Cancer”
Institution: Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Mentor: Sarki Abdulkadir, MD, PhD
Sponsor: Robert J. Krane, MD Urology Research Scholar Award