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Rising Star in Urology Research Awards

In 2005, the Urology Care Foundation initiated a new grant program to encourage young urology faculty to enter and remain in research careers, the “Rising Star in Urology Award.” Applicants are Board-certified or Board-eligible urologists who have successfully competed for a new externally-funded, peer-reviewed career development award (e.g., K07/K08/K23 awards from NIH, or career development type grants from the Department of Defense, American Cancer Society or others). This program provides up to five years of supplemental salary support to career development awardees to ensure that their research salary compensation is competitive with other academic urology faculty. This supplementation allows the urologist to not only remain a contributor to their institution as a surgical specialist, but also have time to investigate potential treatments and cures to make a difference in the lives of urologists and the patients they serve. The participants are required to apply for independent, R01-type funding before the end of their award period.

The 2014 competition for the Rising Star in Urology Research Award has closed. Please check back for future competition updates.


The American Urological Association and Astellas Team Up
to Secure the Future of Urology Research Through $3 Million Endowment

The American Urological Association (AUA) and Astellas US LLC, a U.S. affiliate of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc., have announced a $3 million commitment to the Urology Care Foundation and to the promising young urologists seeking careers in academic urology.

The gift, the largest ever awarded to the Urology Care Foundation, will maintain its research program supporting surgeon-scientists, the Rising Star in Urology Research Award. This prestigious program is designed to prepare outstanding young urologists for careers in urologic research and propel them in becoming leaders in the field across diverse disciplines.

"Due to the tremendous economic burden of urological diseases in America, and the exponential increase in the population of aging Americans, the need for this program is more acute today than ever before," said AUA President, Pramod C. Sogani, MD, FACS, FRCS(C). "Given the essential role urologists and scientists play in advancing the basic, translational and clinical research continuum, it is critical to have in place a program to ensure further recruitment of these individuals," he added.

The Rising Star program has been supported by Astellas for nearly a decade and has become the leading research program of the Urology Care Foundation in supporting surgeon-scientists. Originally started in 2005, the Rising Star program has supported 16 outstanding young urologists, all of whom are continuing their work in such critical areas of urology research as bladder cancer, incontinence, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and other urologic conditions.

"Astellas is honored to make this gift to the Urology Care Foundation," said Astellas Scientific & Medical Affairs Inc., Vice President, Jeffrey D. Bloss, MD. "The research from the individuals who have won the Rising Star Award is impressive and provides strong evidence that long term support of this effort through an endowment is a solid investment."

The Urology Care Foundation is the world’s leading nonprofit urologic health foundation. Through mentored research training programs that support the continuum of medical students, residents, urologists and post-doctorate fellows, the Urology Care Foundation focuses on funding urologic research for future generations of researchers. This is critical to helping find new treatments and improving patients’ lives. Urologists with advanced training and experience in urologic research are essential to future success, and by continuing this support in the form of an endowment, the urologic and medical community can ensure unbroken progression for succeeding generations of surgeon-scientists in urologic research.


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