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Safety and Security

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Keeping San Antonio Safe

  • San Antonio is a safe and welcoming destination. As the 7th largest city in the nation, with more than 34 million annual visitors, it is critically important to provide safety resources to our visitors. Here are just a few of the programs that help keep San Antonio safe.
  • Centro San Antonio has downtown ambassadors that can be found assisting visitors. You can't miss them, they’re the ones in bright yellow shirts! The ambassadors keep our downtown clean and help visitors navigate the beautiful and historic civic core.
  • Established in 1999, the Public Improvement District (PID) provides "clean & safe" services, including street-scaping, beautification and ambassador services.
  • In addition to the San Antonio Police Department, the city offers Park Police with specialized units and assignments that enhance the ability of the agency and provide superior service to the community.
  • San Antonio Police Department River Walk Patrol is a 24-hour operation that patrols the River Walk on foot, bike, and boat. This team enforces city ordinance violations, including State and local laws.

Downtown San Antonio Foot & Bike Patrol: 210-207-7764
San Antonio River walk Patrol: Dispatch: 210-207-8590 Non-Emergency: 210-207-7273
Centro San Antonio Ambassadors: 210-224-7747

Exercising Safety as a Visitor to San Antonio

  • As with any large city, visitors should exercise safety when navigating the streets of San Antonio. Ensuring the safety of our attendees is a priority for the AUA, and the AUA has invested in enhanced security measures in and around the Henry B. González Convention Center. Additionally, the city's police department has a strong partnership with San Antonio's tourism and hospitality community and maintains a consistent downtown presence to help ensure the safety of San Antonio's visitors. Here are practical safety tips to remember when you are a tourist away from home:

Traveling Smart

  • Be careful about leaving valuables, purses, and IDs in meeting and hotel rooms. Make a copy of your ID so if it were lost, officials could use the information to check databases.
  • Do not carry your passport with you once you arrive at the annual meeting. Make a copy if needed and secure your passport in your hotel room safe. If lost or stolen, obtaining a new one can be difficult, time-consuming, and may even delay your return home.
  • Avoid carrying all your cash with you. If possible, store most of your cash in your hotel room safe. Avoid displaying large amounts of cash or other valuable items in public.

Using Street Sense

  • Be observant of your environment. Use well-lit streets and areas that feel safe. Select routes that are the shortest distance between the convention center and your destination.
  • Remove your annual meeting badge. It is a sign that you are from out of town and may make you an easy target.
  • Safety in numbers. Travel in groups and avoid traveling by yourself.
  • Just Say No! Avoid street solicitors. If you feel compelled to give, donate to a charitable organization.

Safety Measures at the Henry B González Convention Center

  • The state of Texas laws will be enforced at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center: Texas Penal Code 30.05: "Pursuant to Section 30.05, Penal Code (criminal trespass), a person may not enter this property with a firearm." Texas Penal Code 30.06: "Pursuant to Section 30.06, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with a concealed handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter this property with a concealed handgun.” Texas Penal Code 30.07: "Pursuant to Section 30.07, Penal Code (trespass by license holder with an openly carried handgun), a person licensed under Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code (handgun licensing law), may not enter this property with a handgun that is carried openly."
  • The Henry B González Convention Center staffs a central security command center and has expert, 24/7 security staff in all buildings.
  • The facility utilizes the San Antonio Police Department as their exclusive security vendor for additional asset protection.

Additional Questions

AUA will continue to update this website and provide additional communications to attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and staff. If you have additional questions, please contact for attendee questions or for exhibitor questions.

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