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Important Information About AUA2023 Attendee Lists – You Can Only Get AUA2023 Attendee Lists From The AUA!

We have received reports that several companies are claiming to offer AUA Annual Meeting attendee lists. Please note that the AUA manages its attendee mailing lists directly. WE NEVER SELL EMAIL LISTS to third-party vendors or agents, and companies purporting to offer Annual Meeting attendee lists are not affiliated with AUA in any way. List requests can be made using the form below.

AUA2023 Attendee List

AUA2023 Attendee Mailing List
Attendee Mailing List

The AUA offers our exhibitors the option to purchase an attendee mailing list to maximize their promotional efforts. Please find the order form, a list of frequently asked questions, and do's and don'ts for your promotional piece on this page.

Annual Meeting Attendee Mailing List Order Form FAQs

How many names are on the attendee mail list?

  1. The early pre-registration list has approximately 2,000 names (both domestic and international)
  2. The pre-registration list has approximately 5,500 names (both domestic and international)
  3. The post-registration list has approximately 7,000 names (both domestic and international)

What is the cost of the list?

  1. Early pre-registration: $400
  2. Pre- registration: $500
  3. Post- registration: $700

Are emails included?

  1. Per AUA policy, we do not provide email addresses. The attendee mailing list only includes physical mailing addresses.

Can we purchase only domestic addresses? Only international addresses?

  1. Yes, we can segment the list.

Who should I contact for the list?

  1. Eric Stottlemire at

What is the turnaround time to receive the list?

  1. If we receive the order form, sample mailer and payment, the turnaround time is typically 3-5 business days.

How is the list provided?

  1. The list will be emailed to you in an Excel spreadsheet

What is included with the list?

  1. Names, credentials, and physical mailing addresses.

Who is able to order the list?

  1. AUA annual meeting exhibitors only.

Promotional Mailer Dos and Don'ts


  • Complete our Giveaway Approval Form before promoting any items you plan to hand out at your booth
  • Adhere to our CMSS Guidelines
  • Adhere to our Speaker Guidelines if promoting a speaker
  • Use your booth number


  • Make outlandish claims
  • Put the wrong exhibit dates (remember we changed our Exhibit Day/Hours)