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Video Abstract Guidelines

AUA2024 – Abstracts

Video abstract submissions must include a written abstract in addition to the video file. Accepted video abstracts will be presented in video sessions at the AUA Annual Meeting.

Submission Guidelines
Video Requirements
Abstract Requirements

Submission Guidelines

  • Completion of an abstract submission affirms that all listed authors have agreed to its submission for presentation at the AUA Annual Meeting and publication of the abstract in the Journal of Urology® supplement. Submission of an abstract constitutes the author's commitment to present the abstract as accepted. The author/presenter is responsible for any expenses associated with the abstract's preparation, submission, and presentation. Registration fee waivers and travel grants are not available for abstract presenters.
  • The submitting author will be required to complete a non-exclusive license agreement, as the AUA may capture accepted abstract presentations and use them as deemed appropriate for educational purposes.
  • Abstract submissions must be written in English. All accepted abstracts must be presented in English.
  • All completed abstract submissions are peer-reviewed and graded individually based on scientific merit and originality.

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Video Requirements

Video Content

  • Only one subject/case per video presentation. No exceptions.
  • The opening frames of the video must include the exact title of the abstract and all authors' names.
  • The written and spoken language is English.
  • The video must include either audio narration or background music (or a combination of both). Video submissions with no audio element will be rejected.
  • Submissions of video presentations that are exceedingly commercial in character will not be accepted for presentation. Submissions funded by commercial companies must be identified as such in a disclaimer at the start of the presentation.

Technical Requirements

  • Video length must not exceed 8 minutes.
  • Videos should be submitted in HD format to allow for the highest possible video quality.
  • Preferred dimensions: 1920x1080 (1080p); Minimum required dimensions: 1280x720 (720p).
  • Frame rate: When preparing your video for upload, it is best to maintain the video's native frame rate when compressing your video. If your footage exceeds 60 FPS, we will automatically reduce the frame rate. If there is an option for key frames, choose the same value you used for frame rate. Always choose "constant" frame rate instead of "variable" frame rate.
  • Bit rate: If your video editing software gives you the option, select "variable" and select a minimum bit rate between 2,000kb/s – 25,000kb/s depending on file resolution.
  • Accepted file types: MPEG-2, MP4, QuickTime H-264, Windows Media Files, raw video files (.avi with little or no spatial compression). No third-party Codecs are accepted. Codec H.264 is preferred.

Video Upload & Quality Review

  • During the video abstract submission process, a step will be available to upload your video file for review. After submitting the video, you can view and/or download the file from the author home page by clicking "View Video".
  • Revisions and resubmissions will not be accepted after the submission deadline.
  • All videos must be uploaded to the abstract submission site. Email attachments and links to file-sharing sites will not be accepted.
  • All video submissions will undergo an initial quality review check. Videos submitted at least 72 hours prior to the deadline that do not meet the minimum requirements, will be returned to the presenting author for correction and resubmission. Failure to resubmit a corrected video by the deadline will exclude the video from further review and consideration.

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Abstract Requirements


  • Required fields for each author: First name, last name, email address, affiliation, city, state (U.S. only), and country. The submitting author must provide a unique email address belonging to each author.
  • Do not include credentials (i.e., MD, PhD) in the name field. Please maintain consistency in authors’ names across multiple abstract submissions.
  • Though not required, please include the AUA ID for each author who has one.
  • One author must be designated as the presenting author. The presenting author cannot be an employee of or have a financial relationship with the commercial interest that controls the content of the study or presentation.
  • An individual may not serve as the presenting author on more than 5 abstracts accepted for presentation at the Annual Meeting.


Select the most appropriate category for the abstract. The Program Committee has the authority to recategorize an abstract.

Abstract Title

The title should clearly define the topic and contain no abbreviations. For professional consistency, titles must be in sentence case and not bolded, underlined, italicized, or written in all caps or lowercase letters.

The AUA will ensure abstract titles are properly formatted for the various publications including the Journal of Urology®.

Abstract Body

The text is limited to 2,280 characters, not including spaces. This includes the body of the abstract, tables, and graphics. Each table and/or graphic counts as 225 characters.

The body must be informative and detailed. The following sections are required:

  1. Introduction and objectives
  2. Methods
  3. Results
  4. Conclusions (Indicate the major new findings of the study)

The inclusion of specific outcomes data is necessary for all abstracts; this also applies to Trials in Progress, which must supply at least preliminary results to be eligible for consideration. The AUA will reject abstracts with no listed results or abstracts with a statement that reads, "Results will be discussed".

Standard abbreviations: The full term should be written out during its first use, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. Thereafter, the standard abbreviation may be used.

Proprietary drug names: It is not permissible to use proprietary drug names. Generic names must be used whenever possible.

Source of Funding

Authors must fully describe all funding sources. This field is required for submission. If there is no support to note, please list "None".

Abstracts deemed purely for marketing purposes will not be accepted.


All authors must disclose any conflicts of interest. The submitting author is required to enter the disclosure information for all authors. Please make sure you are aware of the disclosures of all authors before beginning the abstract submission process. A form to assist with the collection of disclosures is provided on the abstract submission site.

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AUA membership is not required for abstract submission.


All communications will be sent to the email address of the presenting author of record. The presenting author is responsible for communicating all notifications with their co-authors.

Prior Presentation/Publication

Abstracts are not eligible for submission if the abstract or complete manuscript upon which the abstract is based is published in a journal or electronic publication prior to presentation at the AUA Annual Meeting.

Duplicate Submissions

Duplicate submissions by the same authors and based on the same study population or data will be rejected.


Revisions can be made by logging into the submission site before the deadline. The submitting author must ensure that the abstract status is "successfully submitted" after any changes are made.

Authors must review the abstract to ensure there are no errors in spelling or grammar, incorrect table/figures, missing author names, etc. Revisions will not be accepted after the deadline.

Withdrawal Requests

The submitting author may return to the abstract submission site to delete their submission at any time before 11:59 p.m. ET on November 8. After this date, requests to withdraw an abstract must be sent to Please include the abstract number, title, and reason for withdrawal. All co-authors must be copied on the communication. Requests which do not include all authors will not be processed.

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Technical questions and submission issues can be sent to You may also call the Mira Tech Support line at 866-341-9590 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Central Time (14:00 to 23:00 GMT), Monday through Friday.

Please note: Mira is the abstract vendor and can only assist with technical submission questions and issues.

All other questions related to the abstract submission process can be sent to

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