About the AUA Institute for Leadership & Business
Advancing Urology through Leadership Development and Business Acumen
The AUA is proud to launch the AUA Institute for Leadership & Business, a new initiative dedicated to providing education, training and resources to support leadership development and business acumen within the urology community. The AUA recognizes the tremendous value of business and leadership training for all urology professionals — throughout all stages of their career. Whether you’re starting your career, seeking career advancement or professional development, or looking to master the business challenges facing today’s urology practice, the AUA Institute for Leadership & Business offers programs and resources to support your needs and professional growth.
“Establishing a formal Institute solidifies leadership and business as areas of priority and focus for the AUA.”
— Raju Thomas, MD
AUA President
As an organization more than a century old, the AUA is a testament to strong leadership and is continually cultivating and nurturing the next generation of leaders so the organization can endure and thrive. Among our most notable initiatives is the AUA Leadership Program which produced its first graduates in 2005.
Over the past decade, the AUA has introduced several other programs and scholarships that support the development of leadership skills, including the Holtgrewe Legislative Fellowship and Gallagher Health Policy Scholarship.
In addition to leadership development, AUA’s research shows that Members are looking to the AUA to help understand and navigate the increasingly complex business landscape of medicine, from economic models of practice and contract negotiations, to communication and negotiation skills and operational efficiencies. Establishing a formal Institute solidifies leadership and business as areas of priority and focus for the AUA. The AUA is proud to launch the official AUA Institute for Leadership & Business in 2022 with a new full-day course at AUA2022 and a series of new podcast episodes that explore financial management. We look forward to growing our offerings to meet our Members' evolving needs.
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Business Education
Launching at AUA2022:
The Economics of Healthcare: Understanding Physician Compensation
Thursday, May 12
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Course fee required (Discounts for residents and fellows). Register with your Annual Meeting registration. Learn more.
Course Directors:
John D. McConnell, MD
CEO Emeritus, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC
Gordon Haynes Chair of Urology
Kenneth A. Berger, JD, MD
Chief of Surgery, Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco, WA
This one-day course, held the day before Annual Meeting, will take an in-depth look at the economics of healthcare and today’s urology practices. Following a general introduction to the economics of clinical practice and various practice models, the specifics of various compensation arrangements, bonuses, benefits and other aspects of total compensation will be reviewed in detail. Indirect aspects of compensation models including topics such as funding and use of advanced practitioners in a practice, and expense structures will also be discussed. Breakout sessions will allow individualized discussions appropriate to practice setting (Academic, Health System Employed, Independent Group Practice).
Physician MBA
Brandeis University's Executive MBA for Physicians
A 16-month hybrid program combining in-person and online coursework designed for practicing physicians, Brandeis University’s AACSB-accredited Executive MBA for Physicians integrates the medical expertise you hone every day on the job with new knowledge in critical areas, ranging from health policy and economics to operational systems management, high performance leadership, and healthcare innovation. AUA members admitted to the program will receive a 25% tuition scholarship (~$14,000). Learn more about the program.
Leadership Development
AUA Leadership Program
As the most venerated and longstanding of AUA’s leadership initiatives, the AUA Leadership Program was designed for urologists who have demonstrated leadership skills within organized medicine and who wish to further develop these skills to become the AUA leaders of tomorrow. This highly competitive program selects applicants from each AUA Section to participate in the year-long program that includes a leadership training weekend, group projects with mentors, participation in the Annual Urology Advocacy Summit, networking events at the AUA Annual Meeting and more. The 2023-2024 Leadership Program application period will open in August 2022. Learn more about this extraordinary program and its alumni.
Gallagher Health Policy Scholar
Established in 2007, the Gallagher Health Policy Scholar program is designed to prepare the next generation of urologists to assume key roles in the health policy arena and help lead urology’s health policy agenda. Participants in this annual program complete the Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management at Brandeis University, receive intensive training on a wide variety of health policy issues and mentoring from seasoned physician volunteers; and participate in key conferences, including the Annual Urology Advocacy Summit and other relevant meetings with agencies and lawmakers. Learn more about the Gallagher Scholar Program and its alumni.
Academic Exchange and Scholar Programs
The AUA's Academic Exchange and Scholar Programs provide junior faculty and residents an opportunity to gain a global perspective in urology and connect with (and learn from) colleagues in different regions of the world. These funded fellowship programs encourage the exchange of urological skills, expertise and knowledge, which are critical to the continued success of urology worldwide. In addition to a unique educational and cultural experience, academic exchange programs offer scholars the opportunity to interact with—and learn from—leadership of the AUA and other international urological associations. The AUA's Academic Exchange Programs are reciprocal programs that include a 2-4 week educational experience at an academic institution(s) and attendance at the national society's annual meeting. During the exchange, participants observe urologic surgeries/procedures, attend clinics, present lectures and take part in staff activities. The AUA currently offers exchange programs in Brazil, Europe and Japan. Learn more about these unique opportunities.
The AUA's Visiting Scholar Programs offer young international urologists a unique educational experience at an academic institution(s) in the United States and attendance at the AUA Annual Meeting. During the 2-3 week visit, participants observe urologic surgeries/procedures, attend clinics, present lectures and take part in staff activities. Current visiting scholar countries are China, Brazil, India, Japan, Korea, Germany as well as the Confederacion Americana de Urologia (CAU). Learn more about this unique international program.
Urology Scientific Mentoring and Research Training (USMART) Academy
The Urology Scientific Mentoring and Research Training (USMART) Academy was launched in 2018 with a mission to foster creative and impactful mentorship by pairing experienced, highly-accomplished physician-scientists and researchers with early-career investigators to provide scientific and career guidance. The Academy is guided by an advisory group of highly accomplished scientists with strong mentoring credentials of their own, and this program has already seen measurable success by way of career advancement, scientific accomplishments and new research funding. Learn more about this unique leadership development program. Check out this year's cohort of mentees.
Leadership Development Opportunities for Residents & Fellows
Global Residents Leadership Retreat
Launching in 2023
In its commitment to advance urology around the world, the American Urological Association believes strong leadership is critical to the future of our specialty. To cultivate the next generation of leaders in urology, and foster a connection between residents and trainees around the world, the AUA is launching the Global Residents Leadership Retreat. This invitation-only event will welcome 40 residents from across the globe for a unique one-day program dedicated to leadership training and development.
Holtgrewe Legislative Fellow Program
Established in 2015, the Holtgrewe Legislative Fellow program prepares and educates urology residents and fellows in the legislative aspect of health policy. As part of the program, the Holtgrewe Fellow completes the Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management at Brandeis University, participates in a variety of AUA policy-oriented activities (including the AUA Summit and the Alliance of Specialty Medicine annual fly-in), and attends meetings of the Legislative Affairs Committee and Public Policy Council. As a capstone activity, the Holtgrewe Fellow also completes a four-to-six week fellowship with a legislative office in Washington, DC. Learn more about this program.
“Urology residents and fellows who are ready to expand their policy horizons and advocacy experiences will find the Holtgrewe Legislative Fellowship program not only meaningful, but transformative.”
— Dr. Kevin Koo
2018 Holtgrewe Fellow
Science & Quality Fellow Program
The AUA’s Science & Quality Fellow program helps residents and fellows develop insight into how the AUA develops and promotes the advancement of evidence-based science. As part of the program, the Science & Quality Fellow completes the Executive Leadership Program in Health Policy and Management at Brandeis University, participates in the AUA Quality Improvement Summit, attends a variety of AUA meetings (including S&Q Council and committee meetings), and attends the Epidemiology and Population Health Summer Institute at Columbia University (online course). The next application cycle will open in fall 2023. Learn more about the program.
Speed Mentoring
Launched in 2018, this popular Annual Meeting program allows residents and fellows to connect with young urologists who serve as mentors on topics such as contract negotiation, finding a job, surgical education and leadership skills. This program is open to residents attending the Annual Meeting, but reservations are required and limited to 25 participants. Learn more about this networking event.
Practice Management
The AUA offers educational programs and resources to support the practice management team, including a Coding Hotline, subscription-based Practice Managers Network, live conferences and on-demand education.
Practice Managers Network
The AUA’s Practice Managers' Network (PMN) offers its subscribers an array of resources, including unlimited access to the Coding Hotline, access to a private online forum of urology practice management professions, discounts on education and more. Paid subscription. Learn more.
Coding Hotline
Free for PMN Subscribers
Consider the AUA an extension of your coding staff! Call us at 1-866-RING-AUA (1-866-746-4282), select option 3 and receive answers to your toughest coding questions from the certified professional coders on our staff. Unlimited access for AUA Practice Managers' Network (PMN) subscribers. $75 per submission for non-PMN subscribers. Learn more.
AUA CodingToday
AUA Members and PMN Subscribers Save
AUA CodingToday is a valuable tool designed to provide intuitive support for your urology coding needs! Developed by Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS) and co-sponsored by the AUA, CodingToday merges reimbursement best practices from the AUA and the business management support from PRS into a comprehensive coding tool for your practice. It’s considered the online encyclopedia for urology coding. Save money and time to maximize your income. Learn more.
Inside Tract Podcasts
Episode 195: Transitioning Our Billing Process – An Interview with AUI’s Stephanie Herrick
Practice Management Program Webcast (2021)
Free for Members and PMN Subscribers
This two-day program, now available on demand, tackles subjects impacting today’s urology practice, including coding and reimbursement, business operations and staffing, professional development and leadership, government and regulatory updates, patient engagement and satisfaction, and more. Access now.
Practice Management Program Webcast (2020)
Free for Members and PMN Subscribers
This webcast explores an array of topics impacting the management of today's urology practice, including reimbursement for telemedicine, the patient experience—strengthening the patient/provider relationship, dealing with the difficult patient, navigating contract negotiations, applying RVUs in the urology practice, staff efficiency and maximizing office flow, practical solutions for burnout prevention, scribe and ancillary staff services, and utilizing technology and data to maximize operations and reimbursement. Access now.
AUA 2021 Coding Seminar Webcast
Members and PMN Subscribers Save
Led by Course Co-directors, Jonathan Rubenstein, MD and Edna Maldonado, CPC, AHIMA ICD-10 Trainer, this intermediate level, multi-faceted webcast is designed to educate on the latest E&M Guidelines, Medicare and coding updates and how to properly code the new changes in CPT. Members and PMN subscribers save on registration. Learn more.
Medicare Physician Fee Schedule & its Impact on Urology (Free)
This valuable webcast examines the policies CMS finalized in the Physician Fee Schedule and Hospital Outpatient final rules and how they impact urology. Topics include telehealth services, any ESWL-specific changes, evaluation and management guidelines and a general overview of what new updates took effect on or after January 1, 2021. Access now.
Evaluation & Management Guidelines: What You Need to Know and How They Will Affect Your Practice Webcast (2020)
Free for Members and PMN Subscribers
There are a number of updates that providers and practices need to understand to comply with the new Guidelines in order to maintain and improve coding and reimbursement efficiencies. During this webcast, expert Faculty will introduce and explain the changes in the new Guidelines and how they compare to the prior Guidelines. Access now.
Perspectives in Telehealth Policy: Where we are and What Comes Next (Free)
This panel discussion focused on how the telehealth landscape has changed since the beginning of the COVID-19 public health emergency, and what Congress and regulatory agencies must do to ensure continued telehealth access for millions of Americans. Panelists included AUA Urology Telehealth Task Force Chair, Aaron Spitz, MD; Rachel Solomon, Director of Policy at the Cancer Policy Institute; Urology Telehealth Task Force member and Men’s Health Now founder Eric Kirshenbaum, MD; and Chris Adamec from the Alliance for Connected Care. Access now.
Inside Tract Podcasts
Each month, the AUA will release a new podcast episode on topics that span the spectrum of leadership and business. Join us as we explore various aspects of today’s rapidly changing business environment. Topics are relevant to the entire urologic care team. Access through Apple Podcasts or AUAnet.org/Podcast. You can also access all episodes on the AUA’s YouTube channel.
Why the Business Aspects Of Urology and Healthy Financial Practices Are Absolutely Mandatory for Sustained High Quality Care Delivery
Overview of Physician Compensation Models
Alternative Compensation Models, Partnership and Private Equity
More Episodes Coming Soon!
  • Relative Value Unit (RVU): Introduction and Importance in Both Reimbursement and Physician Compensation
  • Multispecialty groups, Academic Health Systems and Private Equity: Choosing a Practice Model that Works for You
  • Primer on Government Insurance
  • Primer on Private Health Care Insurance in the United States
  • Importance of Understanding the Language of Finance
Urology Practice® Journal
Urology Practice® Journal
Free for Members
Urology Practice®, an official, peer-reviewed journal of the AUA and companion to The Journal of Urology®, focuses on clinical trends, challenges and practical applications in the areas of business, health policy, the specialty and patient care. Coverage includes clinical practice articles, original studies, articles on the business of urology, content for urology care team members and more. Learn more.