Exhibitor Rules & Regulations - AUA Annual Meeting


Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

AUA2024 – Exhibitors

Thank You for Reading the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations for AUA2024.

By signing the 2024 AUA Annual Meeting (AUA2024) Application and Contract for Exhibit Space (Contract), Exhibitors agree to abide by all requirements of the Terms, Conditions and Rules (Terms) of the Contract, Exhibitor Prospectus (Prospectus), Exhibitor Rules and Regulations (Rules) enclosed herewith and any regulations for exhibits by the Henry B. González Convention Center for the 2024 AUA Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX, over the dates of May 3-6, 2024 (Show). Exhibitors must at all times have one or more responsible individuals present in their booth who are knowledgeable about the Contract Terms, Exhibitor Prospectus, Exhibitor Rules and Regulations and the Henry B. González Convention Center Exhibition Regulations to ensure compliance. The signer of the Contract also agrees to share the Terms, Prospectus and Rules, enclosed herewith, with all representatives who will staff the exhibit space in San Antonio, TX.

All requirements of the Terms, Prospectus, and Rules will be enforced without exception. Any violations of these exhibit requirements will be addressed by AUA Show Management (Show Management).

Exhibitors are obliged to comply with any additional rules established by the AUA, at any time, to manage the Show.

Visit www.AUAnet.org/AUA2024 for the latest updates on the meeting. Contents of the Prospectus and Rules may be downloaded from the Exhibitor area of the site.

Rules Interpretation Authority

All AUA rules, regulations and policies, as well as any matters not specifically covered in published exhibitor rules, regulations and policies, are subject to final interpretive review by Show Management. The decision of Show Management in all matters shall be final and binding for all exhibitors. Failure to comply with any AUA rules will result in a loss of priority points for the year and may include closing of the exhibit and/or expulsion from the Show.


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