Exhibitor Space Assignment Policies - AUA Annual Meeting


Exhibitor Space Assignment Policies

AUA2024 – Exhibitors

Following Advanced Booth Selection, the AUA will offer space on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve your space, please visit www.AUAnet.org/AUA2024 and select "Enter Your Booking Code or I Need Space." This link will take you to our online contracting site for you to select your exhibit space and complete and sign the 2024 Exhibit Application for a Contract for Exhibit Space.

All reservations must be made using the official 2024 Online Exhibit Application at www.AUAnet.org/AUA2024.

The signatory on the application of designee shall be the exhibitor’s official representative, who certifies additional representatives and acts on behalf of the Exhibiting Company for all negotiations and approvals. By signing the application, the signatory represents and warrants that signatory is duly authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of Exhibiting Company.

The AUA makes no definitive advance representations or warranties with respect to the demographic nature of attendees and/or traffic volume at exhibits and/or numbers of attendees at the Show.

Eligibility to exhibit is generally restricted to companies directly related to the urological/medical field; also, AUA reserves the sole right to determine eligibility, among other things, on the basis of alignment with AUA's organizational values. AUA's determination of eligibility to exhibit is final and not subject to appeal. Any medical device, pharmaceutical, or other type of medical product exhibited must comply with all applicable FDA regulations for presentation to US attendees. The AUA reserves the right to require information from companies before booth assignment is finalized. When an exhibitor is found to be ineligible or in violation of any exhibit rule or regulation, in whole or in part, the AUA may deny space assignment or, when the exhibitor is on show site, close the exhibit, at its sole discretion, and remove it from the Show.

AUA exhibits are held primarily for the education of urologists and allied health professionals. The exhibitor may take orders for products and services at its own exhibit space; however, in keeping with the educational character of the Show, products or services for which orders are taken must be delivered by the exhibitor to the purchaser at the close of the Show and not during the Show. Exceptions to this regulation must be requested in writing to the AUA prior to the Show.

ExpoSuites and Bioskills Hub are only available to confirmed exhibitors. An exception may be made to permit a company that is not a confirmed exhibitor to contract an ExpoSuite if that company does not currently offer a product to urologists licensed to practice in the United States.

The AUA assigns exhibit space based on the priority points system during the advance or on-site placement session at the prior Annual Meeting and thereafter placed in the order in which the contract and full payment are received. An advance space selection program was conducted online in April 2023, for AUA2024 exhibitors, based on priority points earned. The most updated floor plan includes those selections and is available at www.AUAnet.org/AUA2024.

Prospective exhibitors will be reviewed by Show Management for suitability of products or services to the attendees at the Show. A completed Contract for Exhibit Space with full payment must be received before space will be assigned. Booth confirmations will be emailed to approved exhibitors automatically once an application is accepted.

The exhibitor shall not assign or sub-license or apportion, the whole or any part of assigned exhibit space to a third party, its rights to the exhibit space, or any portion thereof, without the prior written consent of the AUA, which the AUA may withhold at its sole discretion. If such consent is given, the exhibitor shall assume full responsibility for the conduct of the assignee or sub-licensee and all its representatives, including any costs, penalties or fees assumed by the assignee or third party.

The AUA will make every effort to accommodate your preferences and requests for exhibit space. The AUA reserves the right to make any modifications that may be necessary to best accommodate all requests. Companies requesting adjoining space, or any special requests should submit them in writing along with the application to exhibit.

All booth spaces must be paid in full before any exhibitor is allowed into the AUA Science & Technology Hall (S&T Hall). Full payment for exhibit space must be received prior to space assignment. Any company in violation of this policy will not be allowed on the Show floor until complete payment is received. Any costs associated with the storage, movement, and shipping of exhibitor freight due to late payment of space fees will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

If it becomes necessary, the AUA retains the exclusive right to revise the S&T Hall floor plan(s) and/or relocate any assigned Exhibitors as necessary for the betterment of the Event as determined solely by the AUA. Exhibitors who change the size of their exhibit space are not guaranteed the originally assigned location and may be subject to relocation. While every effort will be made to ensure that exhibitors have the best booth space possible, the AUA does not guarantee that an exhibitor will not be placed next to a competitor exhibitor.

If a written cancellation is received by the AUA on or before August 31, 2023, a full refund will be granted, less two hundred fifty dollars ($250) to be withheld as a cancellation fee. Any cancellations by the Exhibiting Company after August 31, 2023, will forfeit all payments made to the AUA under this agreement. Note that any Exhibiting Company that cancels exhibit space after August 31, 2023 and BEFORE it has made full payment, is liable for the full payment of the original cost of the total exhibit space. The AUA shall have the right to use cancelled space to suit its own convenience, including the selling of space to another exhibitor without any rebate to the Exhibiting Company.

If a written downsizing request is received by the AUA on or before August 31, 2023, a full refund of the price differential will be granted. Notification of downsizing received after August 31, 2023, will not be subject to refund of any portion of the differential. The AUA retains the exclusive right to revise the AUA Science & Technology Hall floor plan(s) and/or relocate any assigned exhibitors as determined solely by the AUA. Exhibitors who change the size of their exhibit space are not guaranteed the originally assigned location and may be subject to relocation by the AUA.

No partial or total refunds will be made after August 31, 2023, under any circumstances or for any reason.

Exhibiting organizations undergoing a merger or acquisition are required to inform the AUA in writing of their exhibitor status and intentions regarding consideration of combining priority points of the new exhibiting entity. AUA exhibitors are permitted to combine all accumulated AUA priority points with those of merging or acquired organizations under the following qualifications: (1) if the total net square feet of exhibit space leased by the merging exhibitors remains the same or exceeds that space leased by the individual exhibitors at the most recent Annual Meeting and (2) if that total remains consistent for three consecutive years. Failure to maintain this level will result in a loss of combined points and the exhibitor will revert to the highest points from one company, plus any points earned since the merger or acquisition.

Priority points are calculated based on a five-year (2018-2023) history of exhibiting and are the basis for determining on-site placement of exhibit booths. A listing of current priority points for exhibitors and a complete priority point policy may be requested from the AUA. Each year points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for each 100 square feet of exhibit space
  • 1 point for each year of exhibiting
  • 3 points for exhibiting for five consecutive years
  • 3 points for participating in post-Annual Meeting survey

Additional ways to earn points annually:

  • 5 points for utilizing official housing service of the AUA, onPeak*
  • 5 points for utilizing 90% of reserved housing block (based on 90% total room nights with a minimum of 10 rooms on the peak night) *

* Note: Due to verification requirements, priority points for housing will be awarded during the selection process for the Annual Meeting two years after they are earned.

Priority points can also be earned by supporting S&T Hall opportunities. Sponsorship points will be awarded for the current meeting and applied forward to the next year’s point total.

Priority points for support of Science & Technology Hall sponsorships will be awarded as follows:

  • 5 points per day for Bioskills Hub
  • 5 points per program in the Product Theater
  • 5 points for participation in a Skills Challenge

Priority points may be subtracted from exhibitors' accounts for violations of the AUA rules and regulations. All decisions about the removal of points are at the sole discretion of the AUA and will be explained in writing to the exhibitor by the AUA.

The AUA shall be entitled to terminate this agreement forthwith, close the exhibit and remove the exhibitor’s property from the exhibit space at any time for failure by the exhibitor or its duly authorized assignee or any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives to perform, meet or observe any Terms set forth in the Contract or any conditions set forth in the Prospectus or Rules or any rule or policy instituted by the AUA subsequent to the afore-mentioned published Rules and policies or any show site decisions regarding enforcement of Rules and policies by Show Management. When time and circumstances permit, Show Management will issue notice and provide a reasonable opportunity to correct any violation. However, Show Management will have absolute authority in the enforcement of AUA rules, including closing booths, moving booths, expelling exhibitor’s personnel and the removal of exhibitor from the Show.

All exhibitor staff and personnel are required to wear proper AUA2024 exhibitor badge identification. Exhibitor staff or personnel found to be wearing or in possession of a badge that has been altered, modified, or that falsely identifies the bearer is subject to confiscation of their badge identification and to immediate expulsion from the S&T Hall and the Show. Admission to all official AUA events will require a proper display of exhibitor badges and all badges are nontransferable. Any inappropriate conduct, including but not limited to harassment, threatening physical or verbal actions, or disorderly or disruptive conduct, will not be tolerated and will be just cause for repossessing badges of any individuals involved. As a result, the AUA reserves the right to expel all parties involved and has no obligation to refund.

Admission to the Science & Technology Hall and Scientific Sessions

Anyone with an exhibitor badge may enter the S&T Hall one hour before opening and remain on the floor one hour after closing. AUA permission is required for additional access. No one under the age of 18 is allowed admission to the S&T Halls at any time. Due to the nature of the Show and liability issues, no exceptions will be made.

The exhibitor badge admits exhibitors into all Plenary, Podium, and Poster Sessions, as well as any non-fee Educational Programs at the Annual Meeting. Registration fees will apply to Instructional Courses (IC) and Hands-on (HO) Skills Training.

Badge Costs

Each company is allocated five (5) complimentary exhibitor badges per 100 square feet of leased booth space. Additional badges are available for an additional fee.

Badge Eligibility

Exhibitor badges are issued only to full-time employees or temporary booth personnel, for example, models, celebrities, and sales specialists. Physicians may register as exhibitors only if they are full-time employees of Exhibiting Company, with a company business card. Registration of physicians as exhibitors who are not full-time employees of the Exhibiting Company is prohibited. EDC representatives are not allowed to wear exhibitor badges. Any company violating this rule forfeits the offending badge(s) and its priority points for the year.

Online Registration

Online Exhibitor Registration will be available in January 2024 at www.AUAnet.org/AUA2024.

Onsite Registration/Badge Pickup

Onsite Exhibitor Registration is open Thursday, May 2, 2024 through Sunday, May 5, 2024. Photo identification and a company business card are required at on-site registration and for badge pick-up. To avoid lines, register or pick-up company badges on Thursday, exhibitor badges will not be mailed in advance.

Rules for Wearing Badges

Exhibitors must wear the official badge at all times at the show site. Adding a business card to the badge is not permitted. Anyone wearing an unofficial badge, the badge of another person, a badge with a business card or a badge defaced in any other way will be escorted from the S&T Hall and asked to surrender the badge. The Exhibiting Company involved will forfeit its priority points for the year.