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The American Urological Association (AUA), made up of over 22,000 members worldwide, has been transforming and improving urological care for more than 100 years. Membership opportunities are available for urologists and urological professionals who are working together to unify and strengthen the specialty of urology.

Membership in the AUA brings exclusive benefits and services designed to support our members, including highly regarded educational resources and events, research information, advocacy, volunteer opportunities and easy access to timely, sought-after information.

Below you will find detailed information on the AUA’s membership categories, benefits, the application process and the requirements to become an AUA member. In addition, you can also read about our Group Membership Program and how to join the AUA’s Practice Managers' Network – a valuable resource for your practice.

AUA Membership Categories

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To become an AUA member, click on the link that describes you best to read details about each membership category and start your application today! To find out if you live within or outside of AUA Section Boundaries, please visit our Section map.

Urologists Practicing in AUA Section Boundaries
Urologists Practicing Outside of AUA Section Boundaries
Residents/Fellows in AUA Section Boundaries
Residents Outside of AUA Section Boundaries
Research Scientists
Non-Urologist MDs
Advanced Practice Providers
Allied Health Care Professionals
Medical/Graduate Students

AUA Group Membership

The AUA Group Membership program is available to international societies, associations or other organizations that have groups of urologists and/or residents-in-training who wish to become an AUA member. "Group" is defined as ten or more people who belong to the same society, association or organization. This program allows organizations to invest in their success by sharing AUA membership with select members at a special price. If you represent a society and are interested in applying for a Group membership or updating your current Group membership, complete our step-by-step online application.

  1. New Group Member: Request ID
  2. Apply for a Group membership
  3. Update your current Group membership

AUA Practice Managers' Network

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The AUA PMN is a separate subscription from AUA membership, and is designed to help you keep current on the latest management developments that affect the success of your urology practice.

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