ARTICLE: What Should You Do If You Notice an Inaccurate Measure?

We strive to provide AQUA Registry participants with the most accurate data possible. However, sometimes the data do not appear as expected. Below are the steps you should take when you encounter an inaccurate measure within your dashboard:

  1. Contact your designated FIGmd/MRO Client Account Manager (CAM) or submit a service desk ticket.

Details on reporting a service ticket can be found in the Pegasus Help Center, which is accessed through a link on the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. Enter the “Get Started Here” section to view the information in the “About Service Desk” area. There is also an accompanying video to walk you through the process.

  1. Specify the measure issue within your service desk ticket.

The service desk ticket should highlight any issues you encounter, including specific information such as which measure is causing concern, the discrepancy area (i.e. denominator, numerator etc.) and a sample list of impacted patients. (Note: To enter PHI details in the ticket, check the “Select to Add PHI” checkbox).

  1. Enter one service desk ticket per measure.

Please refrain from discussing multiple measure issues within a single service desk ticket. Instead create a new ticket for each measure issue you wish to report.

Once your service desk ticket has been created, a representative from FIGmd/MRO will contact you, within 3 business days, to schedule a review call.

We are here to help you and your practice meet your quality improvement needs. If you need assistance reporting an inaccurate measure, please reach out to the AQUA Registry Team.