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Residents and Fellows Committee

Rachel A. Mann, MD

Rachel A. Mann, MD

The Residents and Fellows Committee (RFC) represents the voice of resident/trainee members for the AUA. As a member of the AUA Section Secretaries/Membership Council, the committee aims to advance the concerns and needs of medical students, residents and fellows to the AUA, its regional sections, and its affiliate organizations and partners abroad.

The membership of the Residents and Fellows Committee includes representatives from each of the eight AUA Sections and from Canada and Mexico, as well as liaisons from the American Medical Association, the American College of Surgeons and the Residency Review Committee for Urology of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.  

2023-2024 Residents and Fellows Committee Roster

The RFC organizes several activities and events each year to engage and connect residents and trainees. Highlights include:

  • The AUA Residents Forum – The largest gathering of residents and fellows at the Annual Meeting, the Residents Forum explores the topics most relevant to residents and trainees.
  • Monthly column in AUANews – The RFC contributes monthly to AUANews, providing the unique perspectives of residents and trainees.
  • AUA Residents and Fellows Committee Teaching Award – The RFC coordinates this annual award to highlight extraordinary educators in urology.
  • AUA Residents and Fellows Committee Essay Contest This annual competition gives medical students, residents and fellows the opportunity to share their experience and insights on a particular theme through the power of the written word.
  • The Great Debate and Residents Bowl at the Annual Meeting – The RFC brings spirited competition to each Annual Meeting through these popular events.


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