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Program Vacancies

Our residency vacancy information service is designed to assist in the relocation of residents who are changing specialties and to assist programs in filling unexpected vacancies.

Guidelines for Applicants and Programs

  • If you are a program seeking to list a vacancy (at any level) in a urology program, please fill out the Urology Program Vacancy Listing Form.
  • Check vacancies periodically for updates.
  • A new form must be submitted each July for the current academic year.

Urology Resident's Contract Reminder

  • The AUA Urology Residency Match Program is a binding contract for the length of the program.
  • Employment contracts are usually on an annual basis with renewal contingent upon satisfactory performance.
  • Once accepted into a urology program, residents are not eligible to apply for or accept urology positions in another program.
  • A resident must provide written evidence that they have notified their current program director of their intention not to renew their present contract with that program.
  • Send written evidence of your notification to our office.
  • Once notification is received you may list yourself on our vacancy applicant list or view the urology program vacancies.
  • If you change urology training programs prior to completing your urology residency, you must notify the office of the American Board of Urology for approval prior to the move.
  • The Board requires written acknowledgment and approval of the transfer from the initial and subsequent program directors.

(Policy updated 1997)