Advanced Practice Provider Committee

Headshot of Leslie Donnelly Lorbacher, NP

Leslie Donnelly Lorbacher, NP

APP Committee Team Lead,
Member Engagement Subcommittee

Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) fill a valuable need in the specialty, supporting the delivery of high-quality urological patient care. With more than 1,800 members, APPs are also the fastest growing membership segment of the AUA.

The APP Committee consists of 12-15 Advanced Practice Provider members (with an equal balance of PAs and APNs) and two urologists who have an interest in non-physician provider education. The APP Committee reports into the Education Council and includes three subcommittees: Member Engagement, Live Education and Online Education. The Member Engagement Subcommittee reports into the Section Secretaries Membership Council and is charged with helping the AUA to engage and recruit new members and help to ensure that AUA provides benefits that are meeting the needs of advanced practice providers in urology.

Recent activities and initiatives of the Member Engagement Subcommittee include:

  • APP of the Year Award – annual award designed to recognize the outstanding contributions of APPs working in urology.
  • APP & Allied Network – private online community (log-in required), just for APP and Allied members of the AUA.
  • Why Urology? – hear from APPs working in urology as they share what they love about the specialty!

If you’re not a member, join us! To connect with the APP committee, email us at