AUA CodingToday is a valuable tool designed to provide intuitive support for your urology coding needs!

AUA CodingToday is a product developed by Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS) co-sponsored by the AUA. The AUA CodingToday system merges reimbursement best practices from the AUA and the business management support from the Physicians Reimbursement Systems (PRS) into a comprehensive coding tool for your practice and is complimentary to the live coding advice supplied by the AUA Coding Hotline. AUA and Practice Managers' Network members receive subscription rates that are significantly lower than the standard non-affiliated list price for AUA CodingToday and less than other specialty societies that also offer this service to their members.

AUA CodingToday features:

  • The Bundling Matrix® – The Coding Super Tool! The Bundling Matrix offers an intuitive code scrubber that displays results in a simple to use matrix format
  • Complete CPT®, HCPCS Level II and ICD diagnosis codes
  • Current Medicare Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) bundling edits
  • National and local Medicare Fee Schedules and policy information
  • Medicare information on global fee days and modifier usage
  • Coding Tips
  • Local Coverage Decisions
  • Medicare LCD's and NCD's
  • FAQ's and Coding Tips

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Questions or concern should be directed to the PRS customer support.
For questions or customer support:
Phone: (800) 972-9298
Fax: (303) 534–0577

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