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Ultrasound Accreditation

The AUA and the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) have collaborated to develop ultrasound accreditation program for urology practices.

Urology practices now have a pathway for accreditation for the performance of ultrasound in the practice of urology. The accreditation program was developed by a joint task force consisting of members from the AUA and the AIUM. The accreditation program is offered by the AIUM. This is a voluntary program developed so that urology practices can demonstrate through an objective third party (AIUM) that high quality imaging is being performed in a safe environment by trained providers.

The AUA/AIUM Joint Ultrasound Task Force have created:

These documents provide the framework for the AIUM accreditation program for the performance of ultrasound in the practice of urology.

The AUA/AIUM Practice Guideline on the use of ultrasound in the practice of urology for accreditation purposes is separate and distinct from, and should not be confused with AUA's Clinical Practice Guidelines that involve a process of systematic review and analysis, ranking of evidence, development of guideline statements linked to strength of evidence, and thorough peer review.