AUA is Proud to be the Most Global Organization in Urology!

The AUA is a global membership organization and is proud that nearly 25% of its membership resides outside the United States, spanning 138 countries across the globe. To better meet the needs of members around the world, AUA provides significant discounts on annual dues for international members — urologists save up to 53% off AUA’s domestic dues rate!  The AUA is mindful of the economic disparities around the globe; international membership dues are stratified based on the World Bank Classification of Countries.

The AUA is committed to advancing urology around the world, and we invite the global urologic community to become members of the AUA and enjoy the many benefits of membership, like subscriptions to The Journal of Urology® and AUA’s family of publications, major savings on Annual Meeting, access to the Urology Core Curriculum and other exclusive content in AUAUniversity, and more.

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Here are ways the AUA serves the global urologic community:


The AUA has dedicated leadership for each region of the world who are focused on establishing strong and mutually beneficial collaborations with our partners around the world.

David Penson, MD
AUA Secretary
Jorge Gutierrez-Aceves, MD
Associate Secretary, Americas & Caribbean
Jose Karam, MD, FACS
Associate Secretary, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Aseem R. Shukla, MD
Associate Secretary, Asia & Australia


The AUA has an International Membership Committee (IMC), comprised of representatives from international urological societies around the world that have at least 75 members in the AUA. The international societies that comprise the IMC are AUA’s priority partners and are provided special opportunities to engage with, and contribute to, AUA’s array of programming and activities, including:

  • Input and engagement in AUA programming
  • Invitations to provide speakers, moderators and abstract reviewers
  • Invitations to participate on AUA editorial boards
  • Opportunities to contribute to AUANews and Global Connections
  • Opportunities to build custom educational programs
  • Participation in exclusive programs like the Global Residents Leadership Retreat
  • Special discount offers
Image of the members of the 2023 AUA International Membership Committee at the AUA Annual MeetingAUA International Membership Committee at AUA2023 in Chicago.


The AUA has a dedicated International Programs team that produces more than 60 custom educational activities around the world each year. In 2022 and 2023, these activities spanned six continents, and included the first ever AUA Annual Review Course in Kuwait. For more information about international educational partnerships, please email Lori Agbonkhese, Senior Manager of International Programs.

AUA Annual Meeting

The AUA Annual Meeting is the largest, most global event in urology and welcomes thousands of international attendees from around the world. The 2023 Annual Meeting included attendees from 105 countries outside of the United States! The AUA is proud that its annual meeting serves as a beacon for the global urologic community, and international society programs are a key feature of the Annual Meeting each year. In 2023, international societies and countries with programming included the Confederacion Americana de Urologia (CAU); Brazil; Korea; Japan; Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand; Argentina; Italy; Spain; Asociacion Urologica de Centroamerica y el Caribe (AUCA); Colombia; and the Arab Association of Urology. The AUA’s International Prostate Cancer and International Bladder Cancer Forums were among the most popular forums in Chicago, underscoring the value global perspectives bring to the AUA meeting.

Members save! AUA members save up to $850 on Annual Meeting registration, so it pays to be an AUA member! The 2024 meeting will take place in the dynamic city of San Antonio, TX. Join the AUA, and join us in San Antonio!

Translated Guidelines

Through our valuable partnerships with the Confederacion Americana de Urologia, Sociedad Colombiana de Urologia, Canadian Urological Association and Chinese Urological Society (CUS), the AUA has translated a selection of clinical guidelines.

Explore translated guidelines.

Multi-language Webinars

With support from educational grants from AstraZeneca; Janssen Biotech, Inc., administered by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC; and Merck, the AUA recently produced a free Webinar Series on Global Advancements in Prostate Cancer, which was presented in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.  Additional Webinars are planned. 

View on AUA’s YouTube channel.

AUAUniversity en Española

AUAUniversity is the largest online repository of urologic education in the world. A wide selection of education is available in Spanish and can be found on the AUAUniversity Spanish site.

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The AUA's Academic Exchange and Visiting Scholar Programs provide young urologists the opportunity to gain a global perspective in urology while broadening their cultural horizons. The AUA offers two-way exchanges with Europe, Japan and Brazil, as well as one-way visiting scholar programs which bring participants to the United States from Central/South America, France, India and Mexico.

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Image of the members of the 2023 AUA International Membership Committee at the AUA Annual Meeting

AUA staff with 2023 Exchange Scholars in the recreated Battlefield Urology exhibit from AUA2023.


The Urology Care Foundation, the official foundation of the AUA, is committed to supporting humanitarian health care missions in urology. The Foundation has launched a series of humanitarian endowments to support missions that will improve the urologic health in underserved areas across the globe. Learn more about recent grant recipients and how to fund your Humanitarian projects.

Explore Urology Care Foundation’s humanitarian efforts.

Dr. Stephanie Kielb, a recipient of a UCF humanitarian grant, leads a healthcare mission in Rwanda.

Dr. Stephanie Kielb, a recipient of a UCF humanitarian grant, leads a healthcare mission in Rwanda.


The Urology Care Foundation supports the improvement of urological care by funding research, developing patient education, advancing humanitarian initiatives and pursuing philanthropic support. The Foundation's Website,, is dedicated to providing the most trusted, up-to-date information on urologic conditions and includes hundreds of free resources for patients and their caregivers. Thanks to our valuable partnerships, most of these materials have been translated into Spanish, and selected materials have been translated into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Urdu and Vietnamese. We invite you to explore these resources and share with your patients.