Large Groups and Institutions

What can the AQUA Registry do for my providers and institution?

Between performance requirements and mandated reporting, the healthcare landscape demands more than ever from practicing urologists. As the leading urology-specific registry, the AUA’s AQUA Registry is designed to optimize and efficiently streamline quality improvement efforts for your institution.

  • Maximize quality management and track improvements
  • Benchmark performance for multiple providers
  • Leverage data from urology-specific measures to improve patient care, healthcare quality and treatment outcomes
  • Experience a user-friendly, interactive dashboard with the ability to monitor, track and report crucial data

For Large Group practices, Hospitals & Institutions looking for a comprehensive performance picture, AQUA’s national benchmarking capabilities serve as an invaluable tool to guide your practice’s quality improvement.

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Important Dates & Deadlines

January 2, 2024

  • CMS’ deadline to apply for the 2023 Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances (EUC) and Promoting Interoperability (PI) hardship exemptions.

January 2024

  • CMS’ 2023 MIPS pre-submission audits are conducted.

February 26, 2024

  • Last day to upload the CMS 1500 Form and sign the DRCF via the AQUA Registry dashboard.
  • 2023 MIPS submission module opens.

March 15, 2024

  • AQUA Registry’s internal 2023 MIPS submission deadline.

April 1, 2024

  • CMS’ official 2023 MIPS submission deadline.