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Device or Bio/Pharmaceutical Support

Request for AUA Support

Device or bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers who seek the support of the AUA for the reimbursement of their product by payers or approval for use by agencies should complete the online request form. Requests will be reviewed based on the following six considerations:

  1. Does the issue impact urologists and/or urologic patients? How significant is the potential impact?
  2. Has AUA taken a position on the issue in the past?
  3. Is the device or treatment the only such kind in its class?
  4. Has the device or bio/pharmaceutical manufacturer exhausted all available remedies with insurers or agencies?
  5. Has the insurer or agency offered a solution to address the concern?
  6. Is proprietary cost or pricing information necessary to develop an answer to the issue?

The AUA, as a professional association, advocates for the interests of our members and urologic patients, but we remain neutral in market-related concerns as it pertains to industry competition. Similarly, the AUA refrains from involvement in situations where the issues turn on proprietary details regarding the cost of device development and manufacturing or the company’s pricing strategies.

Requests sent to AUA committee members, chairs, and general members will not be considered and requests will be redirected to completing the Device Support Request Form.

The steps to complete the support request are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Complete the Device or Bio/Pharm Support Request Form for a letter of support from the AUA to address the concern as stated.
  • Step 2 – AUA will evaluate the request based on the stated criteria on a case-by-case basis.
  • Step 3 – If additional information is needed, the AUA will contact the requestor to obtain that information or set up a time to speak directly on the concern.
  • Step 4 – A final determination on support will be issued. Requestors will receive written notice from the AUA regarding whether the organization will provide or decline support. Decline notices will provide a stated reason for the decision based on the established criteria. Requestors may appeal a decline by resubmitting their request with new information that addresses stated reason for decline.

For additional information or assistance, contact Ray Wezik, Policy & Advocacy Director at or 410-689-4045.