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Topic Submission

The AUA welcomes and encourages members to nominate future guideline topics. The submitted topics will be evaluated by the Practice Guidelines Committee (PGC) based on the following explicit selection criteria:

  • importance and relevance of the topic to urology;
  • availability and quality of scientific data to support the systematic review and analysis of the topic;
  • burden of the disease, including severity, incidence, prevalence, etc.;
  • potential impact for reducing clinically significant variations in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or management of disease;
  • priority populations addressed, such as: low-income groups, minority groups, women, children, the elderly, and individuals with special health care needs, such as those with disabilities or in need of chronic care, or who live in inner-city and rural areas.

The Guideline Topic template must be used to nominate new topics. After the topics are reviewed and approved by the PGC, they will be prioritized, along with the existing topics in need of revision, and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

After completing the form, please click "Submit" to complete the process. Additional information regarding your topic nomination, or a list of references to accompany your topic nomination should be submitted to Please enter "Guideline topic submission" in the subject line of your email inquiry.

Submit Online Guideline Topic