ARTICLE: I’ve selected my 2023 priority measures, what happens next?

You’ve selected your 2023 priority measures and you’re wondering, “What happens next?” Great question—since you submitted your 2023 measure selections, FIGmd/MRO has been actively working on extracting, processing and mapping the data to your AQUA Registry Dashboard. It’s important to note the delivery of measures is a very intricate process, which is why FIGmd/MRO delivers measures in batches on a monthly basis. Each month you can expect to see 1-3 new measures on your dashboard. Assuming there are no data disturbances (i.e. connectivity loss, push file delays etc.) all of your priority measures will be delivered by July 2023.

Additionally, the FIGmd/MRO Client Account Managers (CAMS) will contact you directly to schedule a measure review call. The purpose of the measure review call is to identify any discrepancies in the data, so FIGmd/MRO can correct them as soon as possible. Please note, it can take up to 45 days to complete a measure refinement. When attending measure review calls, please be aware of the following:

  • You will need access to a computer AND your EMR system
  • Your FIGmd/MRO CAM will review each verified measure with you to check it for accuracy
  • It’s normal practice to pull up a few “not met” patients, so the FIGmd/MRO CAMs can better understand your providers’ documentation patterns (NOTE: Screenshots may be taken)

Lastly, once you’ve verified a measure as being accurate it will be marked as “operational.” Any measures marked as “operational” can be used for 2023 MIPS reporting, as well as internal quality improvement purposes.

If you have questions about the measure delivery schedule or the measure review call expectations, please contact your AQUA Registry Client Account Coordinator (CAC) at