2021-2023 Research Scholars

Headshot photo of David Friedlander, MD

David Friedlander, MD

Project Title: “Improving Pathways of Care for Renal Colic as a Means to Address Low-Value Services”
Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Mentors: Matthew Nielsen, MD, Charles Scales, MD, and Angela Smith, MD
Sponsor: Endourological Society Joseph Segura, MD Scholarship in Endourology and Stone Management

Headshot photo of Deborah Kaye, MD

Deborah Kaye, MD

Project Title: “Decreasing the Financial Burden for Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer by Understanding Provider Decision-Making”
Institution: Duke University
Mentors: Peter Ubel, MD; Sharron Docherty, PhD; Kathryn Pollak, PhD; Charles Scales, MD, MPH; and Daniel George, MD
Sponsor: Society of Urologic Oncology

Headshot photo of Janet Kukreja, MD, MPH

Janet Kukreja, MD, MPH

Project Title: “Patient Decision Making in Urinary Diversion after Radical Cystectomy”
Institution: University of Colorado
Mentors: Simon Kim, MD, MPH and Daniel Matlock, MD, MPH
Sponsor: AUA South Central Section

Headshot photo of Rena Malik, MD

Rena Malik, MD

Project Title: “Exploration of Host & Microbiological Biomarkers in Catheterized Urine Samples”
Institution: University of Maryland, Baltimore
Mentor: David Rasko, PhD
Sponsor: AUA Mid-Atlantic Section William D. Steers, MD Award

Headshot photo of Richard Matulewicz, MD

Richard Matulewicz, MD

Project Title: “Evaluation and Validation of the New AUA Microhematuria Guidelines”
Institution: New York University School of Medicine
Mentor: Danil Makarov, MD, MHS
Sponsor: Society of Urologic Oncology

Headshot photo of Keyan Salari, MD, PhD

Keyan Salari, MD, PhD

Project Title: “Homologous Recombination Deficiency as a Determinant of Prostate Cancer Progression”
Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital
Mentors: Eliezer Van Allen, MD and Adam Feldman, MD, MPH
Sponsor: AUA New England Section Wyland F. Leadbetter, MD Award

Headshot photo of Udit Singhal, MD

Udit Singhal, MD

Project Title: “Comprehensive Assessment of a Novel Clinical Trial Platform in Urology”
Institution: University of Michigan
Mentors: Todd Morgan, MD and Daniel Spratt, MD
Sponsor: Society of Urologic Oncology Specialized Programs of Research Excellence Award