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Frequently Asked Questions about the Residents Forum

Q.  Who is eligible for the stipend to attend the Forum?

A.  Any AUA Resident/Fellow or International Resident-In-Training member will be eligible provided your RSVP is received as one of the first 110.

Q.  When will I receive confirmation that I have qualified for the stipend?

A.  Email confirmations will be sent immediately after you register--however, you must attend the Forum to receive the stipend. 

Q.  When will the stipend be distributed?

A.  The stipend will be distributed within four-six weeks after the Annual Meeting. Please note that those who qualify to receive the stipend will be required to fill out and submit financial forms to the AUA in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Q.  Who will receive the stipend?

A.  All programs will receive the stipend on behalf of its residents that attended.

Q.  If my program does not pay for me to attend, do I still qualify for the stipend?

A.  Yes, you do still qualify for the stipend. All stipend reimbursements for those who qualify will be sent directly to your Residency Program for disbursement. However, International Resident-in-Training members will receive their stipends directly.

Q.  Do I need to attend the Forum to receive the stipend?

A.  Yes, you do need to attend the Forum to receive the stipend and will be requested to sign in or have your badge scanned at the registration desk at the Forum.

Q.  Will a reception be held this year?

A.  No, a reception will not be held this year.

Q.  If I am unable to attend, can I still receive the Forum presentations?

A.  Yes, the Forum presentations will be available On Demand following the meeting as part of all registration packages (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze).

Q.  If I am unable to attend, can my program send someone else?

A.  Yes, your program may send someone else, but we are unable to transfer the registration and stipend to them. The new person will need to register themselves for the Forum and if there are stipends still available they may qualify for one. Please send an email to if you are unable to attend and provide us with the name of your replacement.

Q.  Will there be any meals during the Forum?

A.  Yes, breakfast will be served.