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Past Committee Members

Hamed Ahmadi, MD

Brenton N. Armstrong, MD

Hans Arora, MD

Angelo A. Baccala, MD

Gina Badalato, MD

Joshua Belle, MD

Udi Blankstein, MD

Josh Broghammer, MD

Christopher Bayne, MD

Gabriel Belanger, MD

Jason Bonslaver, MD

Glenn M. Cannon Jr., MD

Jessica Casey, MD

Kelly J. Casperson, MD

Edgar Linden Castro, MD

Eugene B. Cone, MD

Spencer Craven, MD

Joseph Eric Dall-Era, MD

Timothy Daskivich, MD

Fernando Davila Radilla, MD

Beau N. Dusseault, MD

Michael Ehlert, MD

Ahmad M. El-Arabi, MD

Rami Elias, MD

Rachel Engelberg, MD

Kimberly Fischer, MD

Cristina M. Fox, MD

Janelle Fox, MD

Molly Fuchs, MD

Thomas Fuller, MD

Kris E. Gaston, MD

Kevin Ginsburg, MD

Geoff T. Gotto, MD

Justin M. Green, MD

Scott Greenberg, MD

Priyanka Gupta, MD

Abraham A. Hakimi, MD

Siobhan Hartigan, MD

Kevin Heinsimer, MD

Alexandria Hertz, MD

Juan F. Javier-Desloges, MD, MS

Michael Johnson, MD

Daniel Joyce, MD

Ravi Kacker, MD

Nicholas Kavoussi, MD

Michelle Kim, MD

Margaret Knoedler, MD

Neil Kocher, MD

Michael Kurtz, MD

Alexander Kutikov, MD

John Mark Lacy, MD

Andrew Leone, MD

Christine Liaw, MD

Zachary Liss, MD

Alejandro Cumming Martinez-Baez, MD

Jennifer J. Mickelson, MD

Gregory Murphy, MD

Naveen Nandanan, MD

Craig A. Nicholson, MD

Israel Nosnik, MD

Yaw A. Nyame, MD, MBA

Robert A. Petrossian, MD

Necia Pope, MD

Daniel Olvera Posada, MD

Nahid Punjani, MD, MPH

Andrew Rabley, MD

Matthew C. Raynor, MD

Ingride Richardson, MD

Jonathan C. Routh, MD

Kyle Rove, MD

Chuck Scales, MD

Marc C. Smaldone, MD

Irina Stanasel, MD

Matthew C. Steele, MD

Peter L. Steinberg, MD

Karen Stern, MD

Kathleen Sterling, MD

Douglas Sutherland, MD

Cigdem Tanrikut, MD

Timothy J. Tausch, MD

Russell Terry, MD

Deep B. Trivedi, MD

Brian Andrew VanderBrink, MD

Ana Silvia Vidal Brandt, MD

Liz Wang, MD

Mary Beth Westerman, MD

Emily Whelan, MD

Bradley Wilson, MD

Julia Willingham, MD

Faysal Yafi, MD

Jiakai Zhu, MD