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Other Awards and Grants

Advanced Prostate Provider (APP) of the Year

The AUA Advanced Practice Provider (APP) of the Year Award was recently established by the 2019-2020 AUA APP Membership Committee led by Chair, Tricia Zubert, APRN, CNP, to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of upcoming APPs in the field of urology. As such, each year, the APP Membership Committee will select a recipient to be honored with the award.

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AUA Earl Nation Retrospectroscope Award

The AUA History Committee established the Retrospectroscope Award as a way to celebrate achievements in the preservation of urologic history. It is awarded to the winner of the previous year's History Forum contest for the best paper and presentation. This award consists of a nicely cased, refurbished Brown-Buerger Cystoscope and $1000 honorarium supported by the William P. Didusch Center for Urologic History.

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Residents & Fellows Essay Contest

The AUA Residents and Fellows Committee Essay Contest is an annual competition that gives medical students, residents and fellows the opportunity to share their experience and insights on a particular theme through the power of the written word. Prompts are developed by the Committee each year and cover topics pertinent to urology trainees.

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Residents & Fellows Teaching Award

The AUA Residents and Fellows Committee Teaching Award annually recognizes an outstanding urology educator or program director who has dedicated a portion of their career to teaching residents.

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Urology Practice & The Journal of Urology® Outstanding/Best Reviewers

For both The Journal of Urology® and Urology Practice, the Editors, with the input of their Editorial Boards, recognize the top volunteer peer reviewers for the journals. Each journal recognizes one Outstanding Reviewer plus multiple Best Reviewers. These award recipients are selected on the basis of the quantity and consistency of quality reviews of article submissions in their defined areas of expertise. Award winners are recognized in print in the journals and at a special reception at the AUA’s Annual Meeting.

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Young Urologist of the Year

Established by the 2012-2013 AUA Young Urologists Committee (YUC) Chair, Dr. Michael C. Ost, the Young Urologist of the Year Award is presented annually to select early-career AUA members in recognition of their efforts and commitment to advancing the development of fellow young urologists. The following members were selected by their colleagues, who serve on the Young Urologists Committee, to receive this special honor for 2021.

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