Industry Policy for Promoting Product or Treatment Reference in Any AUA Guideline

If you are a company or organization wishing to promote the reference of a product, compound or treatment in one or more of the AUA Guidelines, the AUA asks that you follow the steps outlined in this policy to seek proper approval to ensure all promotional language is positioned according to the specific reference(s) in the AUA Guideline(s).

Formally submit your request to Keith Price at and be sure to include the following details:

  • Specify the AUA Guideline in which your product or treatment is mentioned
  • Briefly describe the types of promotions you plan to execute

The AUA will develop standard language to describe the individual statement types (including wording regarding level of certainty) which can then be used by industry for their marketing/promotional materials.

The AUA prohibits the use of any kind of iconography or graphic representation for promotional references relating to the AUA Guidelines to ensure there is not a perceived conflict of interest related to any specific references.

For more information in regards to licensing our clinical guidelines, please view our industry support website.