AUA Inside Tract - Episode No. 24

Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Practicing: Q&A Discussion 

Today's episode of the AUA Inside Tract includes an important discussion from the 2019 AUA Young Urologists Forum featuring Julie Riley, MD, Damara Kaplan, MD, and Nathan Grunewald, MD. These panelists answer questions related to recruiters, compensation transparency, managing the cost and efficiency of a clinic/practice, and the impact of fellowship training in the first half of the episode.

In the second half of the episode they  answer questions related to contract negotiations, connecting with colleagues, adapting to the changing market, job change, and wellness in the profession.

You can listen to this discussion from the perspective of an academic urologist in our previous episode; and the perspective of a private practice urologist in a different, previous episode. Also, an episode from the perspective of a hospital-based urologist is available here. Learn more about the AUA Young Urologists Committee by visiting their webpage on