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Necrology Report

In Memoriam

AUA Presidents

Headshot of Roy J. Correa, Jr., MD

Roy J. Correa, Jr., MD

West Hartford, CT

AUA Service
President 1997-1998
Treasurer 1991-1996
Western Section Representative 1987-1991

Headshot of Sam D. Graham Sr., MD

Sam D. Graham Sr., MD

Richmond, VA
Obituary [pdf]

AUA Service
President 1979-1980
Mid-Atlantic Section Representative 1972-1978

Headshot of Sushil S. Lacy, MD

Sushil S. Lacy, MD

Lincoln, Nebraska

AUA Service
President 2011-2012
South Central Section Representative 2002-2006
Presidential Citation - 2019

Guy W. Leadbetter Jr., MD

Guy W. Leadbetter Jr., MD

Cambridge, MA

AUA Service
President 1990-1991
New England Section Representative 1981-1987

AUA Award Winners

Headshot of Arnold M. Belker, MD

Arnold M. Belker, MD

Louisville, KY

Presidential Citation - 2016

Headshot of Tom E. Nesbitt Sr., MD

Tom E. Nesbitt Sr., MD

Lake Wales, FL

Distinguished Service Award - 1991

Headshot of Jack L. Sales, MD

Jack L. Sales, MD

London, Ontario, Canada

Presidential Citation - 2011


Name  City, State, Country  Section Date of Death
Lorne Aaron, MD Outremont, QC, Canada Northeastern 4/30/2023
Martin M. Alexander, MD Greenwich, CT New York 5/21/2019
M. F. Alsina-Capo, MD Ponce, PR Southeastern 2/7/2008
Francis I. Andres, MD Elm Grove, WI North Central 8/3/2022
Victorino Anllo, MD Buffalo, NY Northeastern 12/2/2014
L. Davis Arbuckle Jr., MD Punta Gorda, FL North Central 2/22/2021
George C. Arnas, MD Saginaw, MI North Central 8/5/2009
Gerson Asrael, MD Atlanta, GA Southeastern 11/22/2022
Dale M. Atkins, MD Lakewood, CO South Central 9/6/2010
Samuel D. Axelrad, MD Houston, TX South Central 5/20/2019
Irwin S. Barg, MD Fresno, CA Western 7/17/2018
Martin Barkin, MD Toronto, ON, Canada Northeastern 1/21/2018
Arthur J. Bassell, MD Mechanicsville, VA New York 3/3/2005
Phillips L. Bates, MD Greenwood, SC Southeastern 2/13/2015
Arnold M. Belker, MD Louisville, KY Southeastern 8/26/2023
Carl D. Berry Jr., MD Downers Grove, IL North Central 5/14/2021
Theodore V. Beutler, MD Fort Wayne, IN North Central 8/30/2011
Michael R. Blais, MD Port Orange, FL Southeastern 1/24/2021
Richard A. Blath, MD Saint Louis, MO South Central 5/16/2023
Charles W. Bourne, MD Milwaukee, WI North Central 5/31/2012
Hal H. Bourne, MD Salt Lake City, UT Western 12/20/2021
George W. Bowers, MD Fort Wayne, IN North Central 6/30/2005
Saul Boyarsky, MD Durham, NC South Central 1/15/2019
Frank G. Brau, MD Davis, CA Western N/A
Robert W. Bridge, MD Regina, SK, Canada Western 9/21/2019
Richard L. Brownrigg, MD Pueblo, CO South Central 3/5/2017
W. Bruce Bucklew ,MD Natchez, MS Southeastern N/A
George J. Bulkley, MD Glenview, IL North Central 5/22/2018
Harold W. Burnette, MD Johnson City, TN Southeastern 12/16/2015
Kenneth P. Carlson, MD Winston Salem, NC Southeastern 6/7/2023
Ben T. Chaffey, MD La Pine, OR Western 5/14/2017
Neil O. Chamberlain, MD Columbia, TN Southeastern 10/10/2013
Julius B. Chambers, MD Tangerine, FL Southeastern 7/14/2003
Einstein Cheng, PA-C Fresh Meadows, NY N/A 7/30/2023
Arthur E. Chesley, MD Saint John, NB, Canada Northeastern 10/25/2011
Raj P. Chopra, MD Bloomsburg, PA Mid-Atlantic 8/18/2019
Alex Colalillo, MD Logansport, IN North Central 9/16/2016
Anthony J. Collett Jr., MD Baton Rouge, LA Southeastern 2/23/2007
Roy J. Correa, Jr., MD Mercer Island, WA Western 11/21/2023
John P. Coughlin, MD Bryan, TX South Central 3/5/2017
G. Thomas Cowart, MD Cumming, GA Southeastern 7/13/2010
William D. Davis, MD Abilene, TX South Central 6/14/2022
Charles K. Deeks, MD Eugene, OR Western 7/21/2014
Henry M. Domzalski, MD Dearborn, MI North Central 11/23/2016
James K. Dow, MD Martinez, CA Western 5/31/2013
William Y. Duncan III, MD Seattle, WA Western 4/16/2016
Joseph Y. Dwoskin, MD Castle Rock, CO South Central 11/16/2021
Harry L. Ellis, MD Springfield, MO South Central 3/5/2023
Robert N. Evert, MD Olympia, WA Western 9/11/2015
Edward I. Fabry Jr., MD Allison Park, PA Northeastern 5/22/2017
William T. Fagan Jr., MD Stowe, VT New England 1/27/2010
Philip W. Fairey Jr., MD Columbia, SC Southeastern 4/11/2005
Donald P. Feeney, MD Rockford, IL North Central 9/9/2023
H. Ray Finney, MD Augusta, GA Southeastern 1/14/2018
Thomas M. Flanagan, MD Norwich, CT Northeastern 7/4/2015
Kenneth A. F. Forbes, MD Elk Grove, CA Western 3/1/2015
Frederick J. Frensilli, MD Potomac, MD Mid-Atlantic 6/26/2003
Herbert A. Friedman, MD Upland, CA Western 10/7/2014
Pierre Gaulin, MD Ottawa, ON, Canada Northeastern 6/7/2023
Julius Gelber, MD Scotia, NY Northeastern 2/8/2011
Ralph L. Gentile, MD Bronx, NY New York 1/3/2015
Thomas H. Ginley Jr., MD Bryn Mawr, PA Mid-Atlantic 10/8/2013
Harvey W. Goldberg, MD Thousand Oaks, CA Western 11/22/2017
Leonard Goldman, MD Encino, CA Western 11/30/2001
Sam D. Graham Sr., MD Henrico, VA Mid-Atlantic  7/2/2023
John P. Grimaldi, MD West Seneca, NY Northeastern 3/18/2021
Patrick D. Guinan, MD Chicago, IL North Central 9/8/2017
George A. Haikel, MD Coon Rapids, MN North Central 11/19/2023
Everett Hale, MD Tuscaloosa, AL Southeastern 4/6/2018
E. John Hambley, MD Peterborough, ON, Canada Northeastern 10/23/2020
Robert B. Higgins, MD Rochester, MA New England 2/5/2014
Kenneth A. High, MD Dillon, MT Western 8/6/2018
Frank deMilt Hill, MD Palo Alto, CA Western 7/10/2020
Glen I. Holmes, MD Covington, LA South Central 11/28/2005
Yves L. Homsy, MD Tampa, FL Southeastern 6/11/2023
George R. Horton, MD Springfield, OH North Central 6/3/2009
John J. Hosay, MD Upper Montclair, NJ New York 4/10/1999
John T. Hotter, MD Brookfield, WI North Central 7/10/2016
Samuel C. Houston, MD San Jose, CA Western 4/10/2016
Richard S. Howard, MD Onalaska, WI North Central 9/28/2021
Cheng-Hsien Hsu, MD Topeka, KS South Central 6/28/2021
Howard C. Hutchens, MD Duluth, MN North Central 9/27/2021
William M. Hutchinson, MD Jacksonville, FL Southeastern 6/4/2012
Albert L. Iancu, MD Pittsburgh, PA Northeastern 9/20/2015
Arthur C. Jackson, MD Potomac, MD Southeastern 3/25/2021
Harold N. Kagan, MD Huntington, WV Mid-Atlantic 9/3/2017
Gerald L. Kandel, MD Northbrook, IL North Central N/A
Alexander Karfopoulos, MD Westfield, NJ New York 1/2/2010
Herbert J. Karol, MD Moraga, CA North Central 7/18/2009
John E. Kerr, MD Seminole, FL Southeastern 6/23/2014
Avery P. King, MD Canton, GA Southeastern 1/5/2007
Howard C. Kramer, MD Baltimore, MD Mid-Atlantic 3/6/2007
Sushil S. Lacy, MD Lincoln, NE South Central 12/6/2023
Hugh Lamensdorf, MD Fort Worth, TX South Central 10/26/2018
Guy W. Leadbetter Jr., MD Cambridge, VT New England 7/24/2022
Homer F. Leifeste, MD Houston, TX South Central 11/29/2008
Richard P. Lena, MD Niantic, CT New England 2/15/2022
Jay R. Longley, MD Palm Desert, CA Western 1/30/2014
Kurtland H. Lord, MD Memphis, TN Southeastern 6/27/2018
Melvin K. Lyons, MD Canton, MA New England 3/6/1999
Holt B. Maddux, MD Memphis, TN Southeastern 3/31/2007
Michael T. Mahoney, MD West Orange, NJ New York 9/26/2011
Stephen A. Mahoney, MD Cleveland, OH North Central 1/16/2023
Edward M. Malashock, MD Omaha, NE South Central 5/10/2022
Leonard Maldonado, MD El Paso, TX South Central 1/9/2019
G. H. Malek, MD Bonita Springs, FL North Central 11/9/2021
Malcolm Marcoe, MD Houston, TX South Central 7/25/2016
Ira E. Markman, MD New York, NY New York 7/11/2008
Horace D. Marucci, MD West Orange, NJ New York 11/17/2013
Marvin H. Marx, MD Middletown, PA Mid-Atlantic 2/14/2022
Robert H. Masters, MD Ramona, CA Western 12/25/2022
James F. McAndrews, MD West Hartford, CT New England 11/24/2006
Ralph T. McCauley, MD Charlottesville, VA Southeastern 6/4/2007
Edwin C. McDaniel, MD The Villages, FL North Central 4/28/2021
James F. McIntosh, MD Madison, WI North Central 5/27/2015
Richard J. Milligan, MD Wayland, MI North Central 8/14/2023
Rudolf Misurec, MD Berwyn, IL North Central 8/3/2017
Antonio N. Mortera, MD Howard, OH North Central 11/1/2017
Mervin H. Needell, MD North Miami, FL Southeastern 10/24/2014
Tom E. Nesbitt Sr., MD Nashville, TN Southeastern 2/12/2014
Robert R. Newstead, MD Yakima, WA Western 4/23/2022
Nicholas Newton, MD Chattanooga, TN Southeastern 11/15/2020
Elvin B. Noxon, MD Atlanta, GA Southeastern 9/9/2015
William J. O'Rourke, MD East Greenwich, RI New England 4/12/2020
Ohanes Oskanian, MD Lansdale, PA Mid-Atlantic 5/3/2022
Morton Palken, MD Seattle, WA Western 2/22/2016
David W. Palmer, MD Sun City Center, FL Mid-Atlantic 11/12/2005
Andrew A. Pandazi, MD Cudahy, WI North Central 10/6/2014
Courtney P. Persinger, MD Cincinnati, OH North Central 2/28/2023
R. Eugene Peterson, MD Las Vegas, NV Western 8/27/1994
Albert F. Petrone, MD Hot Springs National Park, AR North Central 8/10/2010
Constantine Photos, MD New York, NY New York 12/23/2005
Stafford W. Pile Jr., MD Alameda, CA North Central 11/6/2018
Leonard Plaine, MD New York, NY New York 1/2/2022
G. G. Laxman Prabhu, MD Mangalore, Karnataka, India N/A 1/11/2024
William E. Price, MD Rio Verde, AZ North Central 2/17/2013
Haakon Ragde, MD Olympia, WA Western 4/17/2021
E. Burl Randolph, MD Bridgeport, WV Mid-Atlantic 1/27/2018
Alex M. Raney, MD Bluffton, SC Mid-Atlantic 7/27/2022
Lionel Rangel, MD Weslaco, TX South Central 12/8/2014
William B. Rank, MD Southern Pines, NC North Central 3/25/2020
Husayn A. Rashid, MD Rochester, NY Northeastern 10/2/2023
Jack D. Real, MD Dothan, AL Southeastern 3/2/2023
Milton P. Reiser, MD Saint Louis, MO North Central 4/12/2011
Samuel T. Rice, MD Columbus, GA Southeastern 2/14/2022
James P. Roach, MD Bridgeport, CT New England 3/26/2023
Michael J. Rochford, MD Sydney, Australia International 1/14/2024
Hugh C. Rogers, MD Farmington, NM South Central 12/24/2009
Martin G. Rosenthal, MD Phoenix, AZ Western 11/23/2021
Jack L. Sales, MD Ontario, ON, Canada Northeastern 6/17/2023
Russell G. Sandberg, MD Flint, MI North Central 2/12/2019
Oscar Sandoval, MD Miami Beach, FL Southeastern 12/9/2016
Theodore L. Saxe, MD Newton, MA New York 4/12/2010
Jack J. Schiff, MD Friant, CA Western 12/21/2017
C. William Schmidt ,MD Mystic, CT New England 8/12/2022
James C. Seabury Jr., MD Fort Myers Beach, FL Southeastern 10/9/2022
James A. Selph Jr., MD Richmond, VA Mid-Atlantic 2/23/2019
Mark S. Sexter, MD Louisville, KY Southeastern 12/10/2010
Frederick G. Shaffer, MD Charleston, WV Mid-Atlantic 9/17/2006
David J. Shaheen, MD Durham, NC Northeastern 1/20/2014
Moise N. Shems, MD Wayland, MA New England N/A
Joseph F. Sherer Jr., MD Vero Beach, FL New England 6/20/2012
Norman S. Sherwood, MD Kissimmee, FL Western 7/18/2017
Sheridan W. Shirley, MD Birmingham, AL Southeastern 4/23/2023
Earl L. Shook Jr., MD Asheville, NC Southeastern 9/8/2020
Igal Silber, MD Laguna Beach, CA Western 12/28/2021
Howard B. Simon, MD Bonita Springs, FL New York 11/25/2022
Donald M. Sledz, MD Allentown, PA Mid-Atlantic 3/12/2022
Stanley J. Smith, MD Shreveport, LA Southeastern 5/22/2023
Gary W. Smith, MD La Canada, CA Western 11/3/2021
Arthur M. Sonneland Jr., MD Madison, WI North Central 1/23/2018
Robert M. Spellman, MD Buzzards Bay, MA New England 3/6/2017
Dennis J. Stanczyk, MD Millstadt, IL North Central 5/13/2019
Cassius M. Stanley III, MD Macon, GA Southeastern 4/16/2023
Elliott E. Stearns Jr., MD Tucson, AZ Western 11/12/2009
John F. Steel, MD La Jolla, CA Western 8/29/2022
Edward E. Steinhardt, MD Filion, MI North Central 9/10/2017
Roy F. Stinson Jr., MD Huntsville, AL Southeastern 11/22/2005
John C. Stockman, MD Morristown, NJ New York 3/8/2011
William L. Strickler, MD Burlington, VT New England 9/20/2003
Richard W. Switzer, MD Tucson, AZ Western 12/22/2020
David O. Taber, MD El Paso, TX South Central 9/12/2023
Leong T. Tan, MD San Francisco, CA Western 2/1/2015
Edward Tarabulcy, MD Chestnut Hill, MA New England 10/19/2009
Paul A. Tessier, MD Ellsworth, ME New England 3/26/2020
John M. Tudor Jr., MD Nashville, TN Southeastern 6/5/2020
Edgar R. Updegraff, MD Oracle, AZ Western 12/23/2022
Williams D. Wall IV, MD Baton Rouge, LA Southeastern 3/12/2023
William M. Walton, MD Indianapolis, IN North Central 5/16/2007
Kenneth C. Warren, MD Haverford, PA Mid-Atlantic 4/22/2015
John P. Watkins, MD Las Vegas, NV Western 9/1/2011
Arnold H. Weinstein, MD St Petersburg, FL Southeastern 1/7/2023
Wilbur G. Wells, MD Shreveport, LA Southeastern 3/16/2014
C. Gabriel Whelan, MD Whitehall, MT Western 6/3/2023
Jerrold Widran, MD Palm Desert, CA North Central N/A
Morton C. Wilson, MD Little Rock, AR South Central 8/26/2010
Talaat E. Yaghmour, MD Overland Park, KS South Central 12/24/2022
Richard L. Zobell, MD, PhD Sagle, ID Western 2/28/2023